Make your Morocco trip amazing


Posted on: 02 October 2018 by palmy reck

The exotic locations of Casablanca, Morocco

Make your Morocco trip amazing with the exotic locations of Casablanca, Morocco


Casablanca being the largest city in Morocco and the largest commercial joint attracts millions to people all over the world. Though compared to Marrakech and Rabat, Casablanca lies a bit behind but the vibrant city has some beautiful sightseeing locations which are not to be missed at any cost while you are traveling in Morocco. Being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the city offers an amazing view to each of its destinations starting from mosques, beaches, restaurants to old heritage sites. So let’s have a look at the 8 most popular tourist spots of Casablanca.

1. Hassan II Mosque

The mosque is one of the iconic constructions of Casablanca built in 1993. This is the world’s second largest mosque standing high on a platform having overlooking views of the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the few mosques in the world to be open to Non-Muslim communities. The enormous large halls of the mosque can accommodate up to 25,000 people at a time with an extra spacious courtyard having a capacity of adding 80,000 people more. The interior of the mosque is beautifully decorated with a glass floor where the Muslims offer prayer. It welcomes all visitors in open arms to admire its beauty while visiting Casablanca.

2. La Corniche

La Corniche is a beachfront area located in close proximity to Hassan II Mosque. It is famous for its dine-out restaurants, pools and beach access. The destination is perfect to visit in summers to enjoy swimming in the lavish pools or sun-bathing at the beach. The entire area makes your Morocco vacation more like a beach vacation with full of entertainment activities, beach walk, and some delicious sea-foods.

3. The Old Medina

While you are visiting in Casablanca don’t forget to check out the Old Media. The old part of the city itself is a grand historic location laid out in typical labyrinth style hiding its beauty under the wraps. The area is full of old quarters that you will love exploring and feel like being in a different world in the modern Casablanca city. The place gives a kind of thrilling experience to the visitors displaying daily life in a different way with the children roaming in the narrow streets, people smoking in cafes, shoppers looking out for traditional stuff, and showcases hidden structure buried in Medina like Berber Mosque.

4. Jewish Museum

Casablanca is the only Arabian city in the world to house the Jewish Museum. The museum is a must-visit destination for all the tourists traveling here. It portrays the religion, history, traditions, and daily lifestyle of Jews in Moroccan culture. The museum holds exclusive collections of paintings, clothing, ornaments, Moroccan synagogues and many other exhibits throwing light on the Jewish influence over Morocco and interfaith coexistence in Moroccan culture.

5. Sky 28

If you are looking for a happening dine-out destination in Morocco, Sky 28 is a must visit. It is one of the most luxurious bars of Casablanca city and the highest dining restaurant offering panoramic views of the entire city from the heights with a glass of delicious cocktail and lip-smacking cuisines. Sky 28 should be visited at night always to escape from the crowded city life enjoying food in a chilled and comfortable environment with live music. It is a must try out for the night people.’

6. Parc de la Ligue Arabe

This is another major tourist destination in Casablanca. Parc de la Ligue Arabe is the largest park of Casablanca located to the southern part of Place Mohammad V. The park constructed in 1918 is one of the largest places to unwind and relax admiring the greenery. The park is beautifully decorated with a series of palm trees along with small cafes. The location is perfect to have a leisure walk admiring the African flora and a quick visit to Cathedrale de Sacre Coeur located at the edge of the park.

7. Villa des Arts

This is the largest museum in Casablanca and a part of Morocco’s cultural ONA foundation. It is located in close proximity to Parc de la Ligue Arabe in Casablanca. The museum showcases contemporary arts in the frame of Moroccan culture with an exquisite collection of 800 permanent artworks and temporary exhibits from other international and contemporary artists. The museum is an exemplary architectural beauty following Art Deco style architecture of 1934. The museum houses a number of cultural events and is the most accessible place by the locals and tourists throughout the year.

8. Morocco Mall

This is one of the largest shopping destinations of Casablanca and entire Africa. It is situated at the end part of La Corniche area of Casablanca. The mall is an entertainment hub to spend an entire day with family and friends. It is famous for the best collection of all luxurious international brands like H&M, Dior, etc with a long list of food options. The mall also houses an indoor aquarium having a small shark, a beautiful fountain in the outside, an indoor fairground, and an indoor ice skating area. If you want to shop the traditional items of Morocco there is also an indoor market especially dedicated to Moroccan collections inside the mall. The mall is full of versatility catering to the taste of every visitor.

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