Making a Career Change at 50-Plus?


Posted on: 16 April 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

With people working longer now before receiving their pension, having a career change during their 50's is becoming far more common than ever. Facing maybe another decade or two at work, a lot of 50-plus workers are looking to make a career change for many different reasons.

It could be that you have become bored of your current job and there is little chance of any further career progression. Maybe you have had a very physical job up until now that is starting to take it's toll, so you want to look for something less physically challenging. Or maybe you want to a change of direction and learn something new – now is a good time to try it!
The great news for this generation is that with the growth of modern technology, it makes it easy for you to work from just about anywhere.
Telephone Answering Services
Many mature career-changers are moving into areas such as telephone answering services because it is a job that you can do either from the comfort of your own home office or spare room, or you can work from a customer call centre – often with very flexible hours that can fit in with your lifestyle.
Modern call centres services can give great opportunities for the over 50's career changer. You can offer personalised telephone answering services for lots of different small businesses, solo entrepreneurs or sole traders who may need a little help managing their business calls.  It is a job that is interesting and varied because you may never know who you will be talking to next.
Don't worry if you think that the job may be very repetitive. In fact, you may find yourself answering questions, directing calls, taking and passing on messages as well as processing orders and chatting with lots of different people each day.
Offering call answering services can give you great flexibility, you can feel like your own boss and if you choose to work from home, then there is no need to battle your way through a long commute twice per day.
More people are changing jobs in their 50s than any time before.  More 50-plus people than ever are making the most of their accumulated experience and moving into telephone answering services to give themselves a nice financial boost while enjoying an interesting and varied new career.

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