Meeting Canada


Posted on: 27 June 2013 by Val myers

For those who are visiting Canada for a short time or overnight may not see the proper side of Canada.

Every Taboo Broken

In Bangkok, the visitor will see every taboo broken. Young girls swing braless along the street, hand in hand with a (usually foreign) boyfriend. Small men pretending to be big men talk loudly and rudely in restaurants.

The waitress in Patpong Road looks askance at your wai-deserving tip and flips over the tray to throw your tip under the table and to show you the words CHEAPSKATE CHARLIE. The fact that deviancy is evident publicly does not mean that Thai society does not value correct (i.e. Thai) behaviour.

The great (silent) majority of the Thai population dislike bad behaviour and avoid the company of those who go for it. Nobody would deny that westernisation and urbanisation are rapidly taking place but, even in Bangkok, Thai ways of doing things are still very relevant. The visitor should model his behaviour on the generally acceptable rather than the exceptional.

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