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Posted on: 20 March 2017 by Olivia Jones

Healthy living is essential for human survival. Developing healthy habits depends on the individual’s adopted strategy and goals. It is important to know that achieving absolute health does not happen rapidly. Many people eliminate certain foods from their diet or endeavor to lose massive weight all at once. This strategy is detrimental as it strips the body of necessary nutrients.


Easy Health Habits to Adopt


1. Drink water regularly

Researchers and experts advise people to take 8 glasses of water every day. Water forms an integral part of life. Some of the benefits of sufficient water intake include;

  • Accelerates weight loss

  • Helps flush out toxins from the body

  • Accelerates metabolism

  • Protects body organs while enabling them to absorb essential nutrients

  • Alleviates, headaches and fatigue. Etc


2. Avoid Processed foods

Many people do not fancy whole foods. However, whole foods carry immense benefits to the body. They contain more fiber as compared to refined foods. They are filling and help one alleviate unnecessary cravings. Take a look at the following infographic to know more about the benefits offered by natural food items.


Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic by Every Nutrient


3. Stick to a specific Sleeping Routine

A good night's sleep can transform one's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Today, research indicates that many people encounter different sleep disorders. This can be attributed to poor diet, busy schedules, stress, and poor sleeping habits. Maintaining a particular sleeping routine can help one resolve sleeping disorders. Remember, a good night's sleep can increase productivity and boost general well-being.

4. Exercise

One can exercise in various ways. For example, one can walk to work instead of boarding a bus. Doing chores around the house is an easy way of cutting down some calories. Other exercises that one can do at home include; rope skipping, jumping etc.

5. Plan ahead

Mornings can be hectic. Preparing for the day is often not elaborate as many people are in a rush. This can lead to poor eating habits and skipping of meals. Planning ahead gives one a chance to prepare and plan for healthy foods.

Benefits of Developing Healthy Habits

There are numerous ways of developing health habits which include; eating healthy balanced meals, avoiding junk foods and exercising among others.

In order to remain consistent, one needs to be aware of the following benefits of good health.

1. Improved moods

While junk foods lead to building up of fats and possible toxins, well balanced healthy meals nourish the body and mind. Exercising and a healthy diet should go hand in hand. The brain releases feel-good hormones when we exercise. These hormones are also known as endorphins or the happy chemicals. They are responsible for making people feel relaxed and generally happy.

2. Prevents diseases

Various diseases can be prevented with a good diet and exercise. Whole foods, green vegetables, and fruits help the body control blood pressure, cholesterol, and keeps cardiovascular complications at bay. Lifestyle diseases are easily controlled by exercising and eating a proper diet.

3. Weight Loss

One is likely to lose significant amount of weight while on a healthy diet. Many people today have little time to prepare healthy meals. Fortunately, products like gnc lean shake can be used as meal replacements. They are convenient and easy to use. Busy people can use these shakes to ensure that they do not deny the body essential nutrients as they try to lose weight.

4. Improves energy

Regular healthy eating habits boost metabolism. This ensures that foods are broken down faster to release energy. Exercising helps one build leaner and stronger muscles and enhances vitality.

Regular exercises promote even distribution of nutrients in the body. People who eat healthily and exercise regularly sleep better.


The above health habits are easy to implement. Remember, for any health habit to succeed, discipline and patience is paramount. Do not be in a hurry to reap the results. Set goals and work gradually towards achieving them.

Embracing health products such as protein shakes can go a long way in controlling cravings, curbing appetite, and eventually losing and maintaining an ideal weight.



Olivia writes on health and food at! She’s written about vega one protein  and a whole other bunch of articles that deals with health and fitness foods for people from all walks of life. Every Nutrient focuses on effective changes that you can make to live a healthy and fulfilled life!


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Scarlet Fletcher posted 22 March 2017

Thank you so much for sharing, Olivia! We all should try to live a healtier life, not to waste money on multivitamins.

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