Must-Have Accessories for Your Dog


Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Curtis Lawrance

The appearance of a dog at home is a very crucial moment in the life of every dog owner. Before you bring the dog to the home, you should prepare a lot of stuff for a comfortable living.

Dog Food and Treats
Wherever you take a canine, you need to feed it. Ask the breeder what dog food is the best one for the If the breeder used to feed with a dry dog food, do the same, later you can change to another meal or brand of food, but at first, it is better to stick to the usual way and type of food for the puppy. Also, we recommend reading the article about regular purchases and subscription boxes and make your choice.
Bowls for Food and Water. 
As long as the puppy is small, it is better to use small bowls, such as it will be convenient for him to eat and drink. When the puppy grows up, buy him a bigger bowl. It is better if the dishes are enameled or has stainless steel. Cheap plastic is unsafe for the dog's health. The most convenient option would be individual rubber-based dog bowls - they are generally quite stable, because sometimes after a meal pooches start playing with a bowl. 
Leash + Collar or Harness 
Even if you are not planning to leave the house with the puppy, it is worth using these accessories from the first days of its appearance in your home. Do not buy large accessories - the collar and leash should be commensurate with the puppy. It is better if the collar is made of soft textiles or cloth, with the ability to adjust the collar. 
Also, it is convenient to use special ID tags for walking with a puppy. But keep in mind that it is not a complete replacement for the collar. Therefore, to accustom the dog to the collar is still necessary. The leash should also be light, long enough, with a reliable carbine. It is helpful from the very first days to teach the puppy to its place. This is best done with a marked object - a sunbed or a particular soft bed for dogs, the choice of which in pet stores is now merely enormous. Such a soft mattress can be taken immediately to the size of an adult dog. 
Dog Toys 
Toys are essential for the healthy growth of a puppy. Do not save on toys by offering toys to your canine left over from your children - children's toys are not designed for crushing, and then they can be dangerous for a dog. A 4-legged friend may choke or swallow small parts of such toys. In any pet store presents a large variety of toys for dogs. Choose toys to fit your puppy. A toy that is too large will not interest a puppy of a small breed, and too little can be dangerous for a large dog - it can merely swallow it. The best set for a dog will be indestructible toys
  • rubber ball; 
  • latex toy;
  • rope dog toy. 
You should not give out all the toys at once - the value of them in the eyes of a puppy will decrease. Offer him one toy or maximum two. If the puppy loses interest in the toy, take it away for a while. After a while, offer - he will again gladly take on her. 
dog cage
If you plan to travel with a dog or attend exhibitions with it, consider buying a special cage. You should not take it as something terrible, infringing on the welfare of your pet. The cage is a very convenient tool with which you can temporarily restrict the pet's movement around the apartment (for example, during the repair), comfortably and, most importantly, safely transport the dog in the car, temporarily limit the movement of the dog after veterinary procedures (for example, sterilization). 
And if the adult dog, which was first closed in a cage, will be very nervous, then the dog, used to the cage from childhood, will endure such temporary imprisonment calmly. A puppy should perceive the cage as its “mink,” comfortable and safe. 
Dog Shampoo 
Sometimes a dog needs to be bathed. Its skin and coat are somewhat different in different indicators from a human. Therefore, the dog should have its means for grooming the dog. Do not skimp on shampoos, choose a quality option, preferably transparent and without artificial flavors. This is the minimum set that you must acquire before bringing a puppy into the house. As he grows older, you will need other accessories, but for now, there will be enough.

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