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Posted on: 02 August 2011 by Nigel Mayne

Summer in the Arctic.

Most people don't realise what beautiful summers we have up here. As well as 24 hour sun light we often get temperatures as high as +30c with crystal clear rivers and lake that you can swim in, it is a idilic location. This summer has been dry and warm and a lovely +21c for the last 2 weeks but that will change soon as we approach autumn. Autumn starts here in August and already the trees are showing sighs of changing. With the mid night sun gone over the horizon for 1 hour a day we will soon start seeing stars in the sky and by September the Northern Lights!! Yes, we do see them as early as September.

It is a busy time up here now making sure you have enough wood for the winter, all your outside jobs have to be complete by mid October. This time of year we have an abundance of wild berries, cloudberries, blue berries, lingon berries and later cranberries. These all grow naturally without chemicals and they taste gorgeous. We try to pick as many as we can to serve to our guests in the winter. Straight from Natures own garden.

I have been painting our guest house and changing the Sauna and spa area as well as planning new snowmobile trips for the winter and looking after a few guests we have now and then. 

We can always find something to do but living up here is a privilege and not a job!!!

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Nigel Mayne

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