Non-Healing Wound


Posted on: 30 September 2016 by Kerry Smith

Healing is a natural process, and the human body can treat the wounds itself. This is why bruises, cuts, and wounds do not require medical attention, and never considered to be severe, unless there is lots of blood loss involved, or when it is in a wider area.

Healing takes up to 3 weeks for normal wounds, while most people get the wounds healed in 1 week, and the scars last for another week. But this is not the case with all the injuries. However, a few wounds can even take years to heal. Despite doing the general wound care if a wound does not heal in eight months then it becomes a non-healing wound.

Reasons behind Non-Healing Wounds

While there are multiple causes behind delayed healing of wounds, the most common are infections. When the wounds are infected, the immune power of the body uses most of the energy in fighting against the infections, and the healing process gets a little energy, which is inadequate. Cell death can happen because of the toxins produced by the bacteria in the affected area. A good example is the animal bites, where contamination is highly possible.

Responsible Factors

For wound healing to happen, the oxygenation process has to be seamless as the healing area needs a continuous blood supply. When blood flow is not adequate, oxygenation does not occur properly. This means that wound healing can be slow, or becomes complicated. Moreover, some other causes interfere with proper wound healing that includes anemia, where the blood cells are not sufficient, which means oxygenation cannot happen. Chronic lung diseases too can interfere with the healing process because oxygen supply cannot be adequate to the vital organs. When the person affected is obese, healing is quite slow for the fat cell tissues as they cannot accommodate more oxygen because the blood vessels are fewer. Use of tobacco and other harmful substances can also impair healing of the wounds.

Few drugs can also stop the healing process. Chemotherapy for sure affects the process of natural healing. Age is another factor that impairs the healing process. When the infected person does not take in the adequate amount of Vitamin A and C, healing is slower. This is why a proper nutrition is required.

UBI and Non-Healing Wounds

UBI can help in the faster healing of wounds. To understand this, it has to be understood that proper oxygenation is the primary requirement for any disease or disorder. When the patient is exposed to controlled Ultraviolet rays, the blood flow is improved, and the vital organs receive adequate oxygen. This treatment also improves the immune system. The therapy also guarantees anti-inflammatory effects and the anti-infection properties are also assured. So, it can be seen that UBI can actually help a lot when it comes to the wounds that do not heal naturally.

For non-healing wounds, the affected person might be required to take 5 sessions of ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy. The simple and easy process ensures that even long term and chronic diseases and disorders can be cured.


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