Not an Easy One, but Doable


Posted on: 18 February 2015 by TanyaAE

Withdrawal from nicotine is comprised of the two parts; the physical one and the mental. There is no right way to quit but here are some of the tips on how to overcome the withdrawal.

Are you planning to quit smoking? Do you have difficulty giving up the habit no matter how hard you try? One of the deadliest addictions that is also very common is that of smoking. While this is not only extremely detrimental to individual health, in the long run it also poses a threat to the people surrounding a smoker such as family members, especially the kids, but also friends and all around you, thereby making them passive smokers as well. 

No need to tell, smoking is injurious to health and can cause multiple health hazards such ranging from infertility to cancer. It is a nuisance when done in public and poses and issue to other people. Due to the increase in regulations, it is also a dangerous and inconvenient habit, especially for chain smokers. Cigarettes are extremely expensive and involve a lot of wastage of money. Many are the reasons to quit but it is a difficult addiction to get rid of simply because nicotine is a drug, adictive as any other drug that makes you physically dependent on and emotionally addicted to.


It is not recommended to cut off from cigarettes completely as the first step because this can cause extreme nervousness, body shutdown and other issues in one name called the withdrawal symptoms.

However, there are a few transitional ways to get rid of this habit over a period of time. Given below are the explanations of the methods that proved to be helpful.



This is a very popular transitional solution to quit smoking. Essentially it involves an electronic cigarette designed to make a person feel like he is smoking without containing many of the harmful deterrents such as smoke and tobacco. This is an effective strategy because it is less damaging to the body and eventually, after its usage, a person can effectively stop smoking. 

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is a chewing gum that helps the body get its dose of nicotine without the harmful ingredients of cigarettes. It is another famous method of quitting smoking and has been known to benefit people all over the world. Other famous nicotine products that are used for the same reasons are nicotine patches, nicotine water and in some countries, nicotine lollipops as well.

Herb Cigarettes

These are the cigarettes in which ingredients such as plants and other natural herbs are used to replace the harmful qualities of nicotine and tobacco. While they are beneficial in the initial stages of transition they are not completely harmless either as these herbs can contain toxic properties if consumed in large quantities. However, to ease the process, this is an efficient remedy. 


One very natural method of gradually stopping the habit of smoking is by undergoing acupuncture therapy which is the process of using needles all over the body. This is done to release chemical called ‘endorphins’ which essentially reduce the nicotine craving.


Once a person makes the initial decision of quitting this addiction, with the right amount of determination and will power, these solutions can aid the process. In the long run, it is best to stop smoking as it is not only very crippling, but also reduces the lifespan of people, kills appetite, deteriorates concentration and results in lower productivity. 

If you have been trying to quit unsuccessfully, try one of these methods. Even if you don’t succeed at first don’t give up the idea. Not an easy one, but doable.

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