Not-So-Secret Places


Posted on: 19 August 2016 by Mark Armstrong

The marketing nonsense behind 'secret' places

There's a growing trend of using the word 'secret' as a marketing tool, when marketing something as secret seems a conradiction in terms. The BBC made another series of Secret Britain, maybe this should be retitled for the repeats as Not So Secret Britain, Anymore.

It is the spoon feeding of information to tell you what you should like, watch or listen to in this ever globalised world that seems more and more contrived. However it is still possible to discover your own likes, interests and identity.

In the UK with all it's footpaths, it's still possible to find your own special places and walks. Using historical information and maps you can look for footpaths that would have been important in the past, but were never tarmacked or turned into modern roads. You can discover Droves, link footpaths between villages and churches or paths that mark parish boundaries or you could walk where the Romans have walked and the Saxons followed. So go look for clues on your local map and find your own 'secret' places.

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