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Posted on: 23 May 2019 by Alan Irvine

Over half of employees aged 60 and over are not ready to retire according to new research but more than a third face age discrimination. However, this home and pet sitting company actively employs over 50s.

Over half (53%) of employees aged 60 and over are not ready to retire according to new research by Aviva[i]. The study highlighted that working for enjoyment and the benefit of social interaction increases with age.

The UK’s workforce is getting older; a third of employees will be aged 50 and over in the next decade and the majority (73%) feel they share invaluable experience and knowledge with their colleagues. However, more than a third (37%) of employees believe there is age discrimination in their workplace.

In our organisation we actively employ people in their 50s, 60s and 70s to stay in people’s homes and properties to keep them secure and look after any pets when they go away.

Our older employees bring a wealth of experience and life skills to our organisation and we find that the arrangement is mutually beneficial. In our experience people who have retired from their careers often don’t want to stop working altogether, but just want a more flexible type of job.

With home and pet sitting people can choose to take on as many assignments they wish, to fit around other commitments. It’s a sociable occupation which allows people to travel around the UK, spend time with pets and keep active, taking dogs for walks, while earning a modest remuneration to boost a pension.

Our clients also find it reassuring that we employ more mature home and pet sitters as they feel comfortable knowing that someone responsible is staying in their home.

One such person is John Charlick, who has been home and pet sitting through Homesitters for four years since retiring from the hospitality industry. Keen to stay active in retirement, John looked for a flexible part time role and after some online research decided to apply to Homesitters. Following an interview at Homesitters’ head office in Buckinghamshire he was employed by the company.

John’s favourite part of the role is the travel across the UK to different homes and meeting different people. John says, “I’m still working in the hospitality industry in a way. I’m a real people person and love the social side of the job.

“I also enjoy spending time with the animals, particularly dogs. I’ve owned dogs in the past, but now that I live in a flat, it isn’t practical to have one and they are rather a tie. Home sitting gives me the opportunity to look after dogs and take them for walks, but I can then hand them back to their owners – rather like having grandchildren!”

John also enjoys taking on assignments in London. He lived there for a time and still has lots of friends he can meet for lunch; one of his favourite assignments is for a regular client in the capital who has a Whippet puppy.

John says, “I stay there four times a year and usually arrive the night before the client goes away so that we can all have supper together – I almost feel like one of the family.”

John would recommend Homesitters Ltd to anyone looking for flexible employment and considering becoming a home and pet sitter.

He explains, “The company is very professional, and I particularly appreciate the way they stay in touch while I’m on assignment. Because I homesit on my own, I have to check in with the company every morning. The procedure is very efficient, I once forgot to check in and they called me straight away to check I was alright. I also find the preliminary meetings with new clients useful and reassuring.

“My advice to anyone considering the role is to be as open to new things as you possibly can and really make the most of it.”

For more information please visit:  www.homesitters.co.uk


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