Over 50 Beauty | Skin & Hair Tips for Senior Women


Posted on: 20 April 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

A few fine lines, a hint of grey.

The normal changes of ageing are inevitable. But with skin rejuvenation products, facial treatments that don't involve surgery, and hair care products, there are plenty of options for women over 50 who want to enhance their natural beauty.

Skin and Hair and the Effects of Age

Time in the sun, smoking, diet, and heredity all have effects that become evident on your skin as you get older. Stress, gravity, and obesity also affect the way skin looks. And as you age, your skin doesn't produce new cells as quickly as it used to. So it gradually becomes less elastic and prone to dryness.

Something similar happens to cells that give your hair its colour. Hair pigment cells become less efficient at renewing themselves, which makes hair grey.

Natural skincare tips

Quit smoking. Research shows that smoking prematurely ages your skin.

Just say no to sunbathing and tanning salons. Stay out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The sun's rays are the strongest then. If you must be outside, wear a protective hat, long-sleeved shirt, pants, and sunglasses. Freckles, age spots, and blotchy complexions are linked to sun exposure.

Wear sunscreen religiously. Use products with at least 7% of zinc oxide and an SPF 30 or higher -- with both UVB and UVA protection every day. Reapply your sunscreen to exposed skin every two hours when you are outside. Sun damage can result in such changes as fine wrinkles and an uneven skin tone.

Check your skin often for skin cancer. If there are changes that worry you, call your doctor right away. Older, fair-skinned people are at high risk and must have a yearly check.

Soothe dry skin. Use a humidifier. Also, use moisturizing soaps and lotions. See your doctor if you still have problems.

Eat right and hydrate. Good nutrition helps the body repair your skin. Drinking lots of water helps hydrate the skin from the inside out.

There is no cure for grey hair. You can colour it, though, if you want a younger look. Use these tips for healthy, youthful-looking hair.

Tips for hair care

Try highlighting. A few strands of colour painted throughout your hair can subtly hide grey hairs, especially if your natural hair colour is fairly light.

Think carefully about full-blown colour. Women who want a solid, darker colour should realize it's going to require regular maintenance as the colour grows out. If you don't want a salon appointment every six to eight weeks, solid colours are not for you.

Try a new style. Wear your hair any way you want. Forget those old "rules" about not having long hair after a certain age. Your hairstyle should be what you prefer, no matter what your age.

Fix thinning hair. A shorter cut gives more volume to thinning hair. Colour is also good for giving volume to fine, limp hair. Sometimes the right product, like a volumizing shampoo, can solve the problem. Hair extensions can also help give a boost to thinning hair.

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