Packaging is Not Only an Industry, It’s a Science


Posted on: 10 August 2018 by David Fisher

Every person on earth is frequently linked with packaging in some way or other whether they are connected to modern society or not. We often heard about protection, that we got covered by indemnities. Yes, it is true, but in the real sense of cover, we actually got covered by packaging.

It has the capacity to provide us cover for all of our belongings and daily use products. In modern techniques, manufacturing firms always develop product and its packaging at the same time because just like clothing is for humans, the packaging is for products. The value of the new product at the time of release or sale is dependent on its wrapping. We can easily consider packaging as an important character of a product.

Packaging Science and Dexterity

Every time we purchase a product without noticing much on its packaging just to dig up the knowledge used in developing the shapes, material, colors, logos, and styles of packaging. A successful packaging science always in a state of inquisitiveness that how consumers will react to their product and how does it creates an appealing impact on consumers, and most importantly what will be the benefits for the customer in it.

Basically, the purpose of packaging is only the storing of products to keep them safe from harmful effects, and while shipping the products from one place to another. But, due to advancement in science and technology; the purpose of packaging is now more than storage and transporting. Businesses are using it as an aggressive and effective marketing tool and focusing equally on its manufacturing process like the product. That is why packaging is now considered as an art and science not just an industry to fulfill the product demands. Many businesses at this moment are solely committed to serving companies envision and create exclusive packaging for products, not only for the products of end customers but also for the purpose of shipping and displaying to get the maximum benefits proficiently.

At present, companies are developing and designing their packaging along with the product to ensure that it fully fits the product and provide assistance in promotion also which is acknowledged as an incorporated marketing. This can actually create a mix of product and packaging in such a way that it produces a healthy brand image in front of consumers, and also deliver the performance to make the package as flawless part of a product. As packaging is becoming more appealing and colorful, it doesn’t mean that the importance of quality is neglecting strength and durability of boxes. Companies are now discovering new ways through which they can reduce the weight and cost of a package, and they are very much successful in their efforts. They are utilizing raw materials more efficiently in a manner that it is protecting our environment also from hazardous effects of the packaging industry.

During the past few years, the advancement in plastics and cardboards has impacted the packaging industry to a great extent. Scientists discovered a way to switch from oil-based packaging to corn-based packaging which is actually the most fruitful innovation related to packaging. It saved a lot of company expenses related to the cost and weight of boxes. Such kind of innovation is not only followed by the companies but many universities are offering degree programs in packaging sciences also. Packaging is now an integral part of marketing as it is also used to sell its innards.

Every product and even packaging starts from raw material and choosing a righteous material enhance the quality including protection of manufactured goods and its visualness, but also the brand image of your company and gives you a competitive edge. It means opting the accurate material is absolutely an art. All of this can only be done with knowledge and skills which is the actual indulgence of science in a packaging industry.

Packaging Nuts and Bolts

Packaging is not only a name of a box or container for product protection but it’s a combination of science and art about your brand, your product, and all kind of packaging materials. Most importantly it is known as a customer experience about how your product is selling and gaining momentum in customer’s mind or losing the sale to your competitors. Creative, skillful, artistry, dexterous, and valuable packaging needs to serve many purposes and few of them are:

  • Packaging must be artistic in nature
  • While handling and shipping, a product must be protected and served in its actual shape.
  • The information must be printed on a package to make it a content which can actually assist users in selecting your product
  • Packaging can also be used for cross-promotion of your other products
  • It is, in fact, the first sight of your brand before product and acts as an important part of the brand experience
  • Packaging helps your art by giving information such as product benefits, features, uses, and care to make it out of the box ingenuity
  • For advertisement purposes, packaging again comes handy

If we combine all packaging utilities, we can easily consider it as an integral part in the growth of brand and sales. All of this packaging knowledge is not a result of a one-night dream but based on the research of hundreds of thousands of intellectuals. That is why; packaging boxes are not only protecting our products but also advertising it to masses and endowing with great customer experience. Good quality packaging always amuses, surprise, and updates your customers in many ways which lead to customer engagement with your product. It doesn’t mean that it increases the cost to make your packaging more expensive, but it has to be good for all. Great packaging always provides an edge in a packed market of your competitors.

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