Packing Tips and Tricks for Short Trips


Posted on: 31 March 2017 by Gertrude Morgan

Guideline for Packing Tips and Tricks for Short Trips

Selecting the perfect carry-on luggage is as difficult as deciding on the stuff you'll put in it. You've seen cartoon skits where the talking cat pulls out a vacuum cleaner out of a purse; your packing strategy should aspire to that standard. You probably have fewer challenges if you belong to the fairer sex, and for good reason. Women bring as many sundries as they can cram into a bag, and it's a wonder how they're able to get by with such cramped storage space. If you're planning a short trip to a relative or overseas, then you should make sure your carry-on provides for your creature comforts throughout the trip. You can only carry so much, even if you intend to pack extras into check-in or stroller luggage. Consider your carry-on as your survival kit and make sure its contents tide you through.

Location comes first, so you should think of your destination before you pull stuff out of the closet. Check the weather forecast before you pack, and bring clothes that match. The extra pairs of clothes contribute to the bulk, and you'll be surprised how extra pants and shirts bulge and weigh you down. It's best if you come up with a shortlist of items a few days before you leave so you only bring what you need. A list ensures you won't overlook the small things. You can also tell when you've packed enough as you whittle down its length. Get the best carry on luggage bags by choosing quality over cost. You have plenty of trusty brands to choose from, with styles and builds that match your needs.

Clothes creases and wrinkles are a jetsetter's common dilemma, since a flat iron and ironing board defeats the purpose of packing light. Count yourself fortunate if you're staying in a place with all the small amenities covered for. If you're out of luck, then the least you can do is to pack clothes through alternate folding. Fold pieces over each other so you end up with a bundle instead of a pile. This should minimize the creasing and wrinkling. Make sure you let everything hang loose after you unpack. The steam from the shower also relaxes the fabric, so leave room for clothes and coat hangers on the towel rack.

Pack enough toiletries for the duration of your stay, and choose travel substitutes to the usual items. Powdered toothpaste, shaving soap, and shampoo sachets are enough for short trips. Note the precautions and prohibitions of overseas travel, though. Keep your carry-on liquids within the amount limits, or stash these into your check-in luggage. You'll know you've packed light after you've paced several times across your room with all your bags in tow. Make sure you buy travel pillows for extended road trips or flights. You may think the bulk too cumbersome, but a pillow is the first think you'll look for halfway through the trip. You'll get the groove of packing for short trips with enough practice, but it's better if you master it on your first try. Investing in the effort pays off in the long run, with a relaxing (and rewarding) trip that's free from worries and excess baggage.

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