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Posted on: 27 June 2016 by Manoj Bhardwaj

The demand for the protective clothing is witnessing an astounding rise world over. The reasons are simple, it would hard to imagine jeopardizing the safety of important people and personnel and risk losing them to some fateful event.

The Personal Protection system to enhance the security

Every man is for himself while being in variety of combat environments and situations. The environment could vary from a war theatre to a riot hit zone, carrying out an essential duty in poor visibility, or perhaps guarding an important citizen.

Watching each other’s back is surely a long standing commitment among the combat buddies, but this would hold true only if the pals stay in a position to help each other – they’re unscathed and in a healthy condition.

The modern concept of the protection systems rely more on deterrence rather than stopping the bullets. These systems are comprehensive packages that allow the users to don the equipment longer than usual.

After all, the protection is invaluable when lives are precious. You would surely want to experience the bliss of life after the turmoil is over.

The state of the art technology drives modern Protective Equipment concepts

Gone are the days when wearing equipment like Personal Protection Jacket was a cumbersome process. The innovation fuelled by discovery of Kevlar fabric has enabled manufacturers to produce superior quality protective clothing.

The product despite being soft is surely tough and sturdy – complies strictly to the NIJ standards, and can withstand impact of bullets and fragments, knife slashes; and stress and strain of long rough use.

The complex though flexible fabric allows manufacturing of custom cut and highly adjustable products to suffice variety of requirements. The unprecedented freedom offered in design aspects enables the designers to engineer variations in the equipment to address the requirements. For instance, some personnel duly need extra coverage safety, while some need overt and covert type rating gear.

To ensure that each Personal Protection Jacket and other related equipment meets the desired standards, rigorous testing is carried out in multiple stages.

This  has really brought in a sea change in the whole concept of ensuring and providing security to the personnel.

The manufacturing and designing concepts of Personal Protection Jacket and other related equipment have undergone a sea change, thanks to the discovery of innovative material, like Kevlar.

Author Bio:

HardShell is a well known armour equipment manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armoured protective gears.

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