Placenta - beauty scam or magic ingredient?


Posted on: 22 July 2016 by Grace Ganchanan

I recently got asked for I.D at a pub - can you believe it? I’m 44!





Hi my name is Grace. I’m 44 years old, originally from Thailand and I now live in Buckinghamshire. Like most 44 year old women, I'm keen to look as young and as healthy as I can, for as long as I can. I have tried many creams and serums over the years - haven't we all?! It was on a trip to Australia that I first came across sheep placenta as the latest craze in anti-ageing products. Women farmers who were birthing sheep were reporting the most marvellous effects from having their hands covered in sheep placenta day in and day out.

From those stories came the development of sheep placenta anti ageing creams. It doesn't sound great, does it?! The thought of placenta all over my face didn't immediately appeal, I have to say.  I tried it though, because the women I met who were using it  had the most amazing skin - so smooth even though they were well into their 50s. They looked amazing!

I’d never heard of placenta in anti-ageing creams and serums until that time - so I thought I’d do some research about this bizarre treatment.

Victoria Beckham is one celebrity who often talks about her beauty regime, speaking about the skincare products she swears by - and sheep's placenta is one of them. Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell are among a host of A-listers who use sheep placenta treatments. The buzz started in LA, at the swanky Rodeo Drive clinic of dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer, who counts stars like Simon and Victoria among his clientele.

If it's good enough for VB, I decided it's good enough for me! We all face the pressures, pollutants and general wear and tear of the modern world. Our skin is often the first thing to suffer!   After I tried Plarry, I never looked back. I've shared it's amazing qualities with all my friends and family. I wanted to make Plarry easily accessible to women in the UK, so I decided to sell it myself - and that's how Plarry UK was born.

I have been using Plarry anti-ageing products from Australia for over 3 years now. Why? Because they work!

I recently got asked for I.D at a pub - can you believe it? I’m 44! Being asked for I.D proved to me that placenta is a magic ingredient that every woman needs in her skin care regime. It's not cheap - but why would it be when the results are actually spectacular?

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