Population of education, lack of information about immigrants in 2016


Posted on: 23 June 2016 by Jailyn Felton

Population of education, lack of information about immigrants in 2016

SSB has conducted an extensive survey among immigrants with unknown education. The memorandum "The population's level of education, lack of information on immigrants 2013" describes the dropout rate in the survey and provides statistics about individuals there are no educational information on, and documents the results of using numbers with imputed values.


The level of education is given in the register of the population's education level (BU) for persons who have completed their education in UK. The large number of unknown education, applies to immigrants who have completed training in another country before immigration to UK. Most of them have short duration of residence in UK and are young people aged 20-39 years. Most come from an EU country in Eastern Europe which most are migrant workers from Poland, but it comes naturally others too. During the survey of completed studies abroad varied response rate with regard to the country people came from. Countries with a high proportion of refugees generally had a lower response rate than those who came from countries with a high proportion of migrant workers.


SSB has spent imputed values ​​for immigrants missing in education to provide figures for the level of education for the entire population. The results of the imputation compared with when we calculate interests on different levels of education only for those we know the level of education, shows that there are no large differences between the figures that include imputed values ​​and figures without imputed values. For units with imputed values, the percentages for those without education and those with long tertiary education equal. The biggest difference is for those with high school as their highest education, where the proportion of imputed values ​​is 1.2 percentage points above the variable based on the given values. For units with primary and short tertiary education lies Shares without imputed values ​​highest, respectively. 1.0 And 0.2 percentage points.


Also, when comparing groups of countries, there is very little difference between the number of imputed values ​​and figures without imputed values. Here lies the difference between 0.0 and 2.1 percentage points. For immigrants from certain countries, it is also generally small deviations.

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