Portable Monitors for PlayStation Professional


Posted on: 25 September 2018 by Prilina Chandri

Playing on a computer is an increasingly appealing option, especially due to the large number of top-level games that you can download right now. Practically in any online store there are playable titles that would delight any self-respecting gamer.

This means that, despite the fact that fewer and fewer PCs are being sold, the search for the best possible gaming monitor or computer. It is evident that as better games are developed, the technical requirements to play them also increase, something that makes obsolete some of the most complete teams of a few years ago.

Aside from buying a PlayStation Vita and the magic of remote reading, playing your PlayStation 4 on the go can be a tricky and cumbersome experience. But it is not obliged. It's thanks to the arrival of portable gaming monitors. Although it is not portable in a handheld, you can make it much more comfortable not only to pack and travel with your PS4, but also to play it anywhere you can find a power outlet. The best portable gaming monitors are capable of providing highly competent gaming experiences for PS4 professional.

Best on a budget

If you have to save a few dollars, GAEMS (no, not a typo) is what you should watch. This monitor is at the height of its name with an avant-garde design that will be perfect on your PS4. This 15.5-inch unit does not quite deliver the 1080p resolution that we normally consider a bare minimum for games on the PS4, but for its form, function and cost, we'll let it slide. This will take an HDMI input from your PS4 without problems, and USB power means you'll only need one AC outlet to get there. As for the response time, GAEMS does not announce an exact number, but says that it is "almost without delay". For what this is worth, the comments do not suggest any inaccuracies in this claim.

Ideal for PS4 Pro

You did not think you could get a portable screen that could meet your 4K needs? Guess again. The 4K MageDok monitor accepts 4K 60Hz signal via HDMI, something still unknown in this form factor. Some would say that the 4K is excessive for a 15.6 inch screen, but if you are convinced that 1080p is not sharp enough at that size, then who are they to judge? At $399, this could be a niche option reserved for the most serious players, but you'll get your money's worth if you decide to follow this path. It has stereo speakers, USB-C and DisplayPort connectivity, standard VESA mounting holes and a weight of only 907g.

They are important and solved because no one wants to feel like playing in a viewfinder. They all use IPS panels, which allows you to get clear and precise colors from different viewing angles. These panels are also at 60 Hz, so they can display all your PS4 games at 60 frames per second. Finally, relatively fast response times mean you will not be late for competition when you play online.

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