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Posted on: 24 June 2015 by James Dawan

Often many of us noticed the swollen and heavy legs and even produce us pain.

This worries us for our health and also for what little favors us aesthetically to have legs that are swollen and little proportionate with the rest of our body. This is especially visible during the summer, since at this time of the year our legs are the discovered much of the day.

Swimwear, bikinis and short skirts are the usual attire this time and have swollen legs will make that these items do not feel us all as well they should be. But it is time that let us concern ourselves, we inform and put the media to solve or improve this problem which also affects our health. In this article we will give you a few tips that will help you until your legs are and look less swollen this summer.

What Causes Swollen Legs?

Swollen legs is a problem that usually occurs due to a bad blood circulation. I.e., this problem is due to a failure in the veins causing a stagnation of blood in the legs, causing water retention (peripheral edema).

This problem may also be a sign of liver, kidney or heart failure. There are also certain drugs and hormones that reduce blood pressure as well as steroids and antidepressants that could also cause legs to be tested. Other causes that can cause swollen legs are injuries and infections. Swollen legs may also be due to a fluid retention in the body, which has not been able to regulate the amount of water you need, through hormones.

To improve this situation, we have drawn up a list that will help you and help you to avoid and to combat swollen legs:

Not keep the legs rest for a long time: avoid sedentary activities. When air travel or you are sitting in the office for long time, it is suitable that you get up so either you move your legs to stimulate blood circulation.

Sitting long time prevents the lymphatic system, responsible for some liquid, drain properly. At bedtime, do it with your legs slightly elevated, so the blood will return from the extremities to the heart.

Beam exercise: exercise will give you many benefits, as well as improving circulation in your legs, decrease pain and swelling. Swimming and walking are the exercises that most benefit you, if you do them on a regular basis.

Wearing appropriate clothing: when the clothes are too tight, this prevents good circulation of the blood, which causes the accumulation of liquids as a result.Here Download Free Report Truth About Cellulite

Consume appropriate foods: strives to make a diet based on foods. Celery, green leafy vegetables, watercress, tomato, carrot, red peppers and onions are just some of the vegetables that will help you to eliminate the excess fluid in your body.

Fruits that contain potassium are also good in this regard. It is important that you avoid eating much salt, since this could impair kidney function and get the blood pressure. Limit the consumption of sodium, about 1000 mg / day. High sugar intake is not beneficial. Calcium is beneficial, so it would be convenient that you beliers 2 glasses of milk a day.

Drink plenty of fluids: one of the main reasons that many people retain liquids is dehydration, so you stay hydrated, will make you hold back less liquid. Drink a lot of liquids also will help you to that through the urine you can dispose of substances that your body is no longer required.

Avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco: these products reduce blood circulation in the legs, so you should avoid its use.Used means of pressure: pressure in the legs helps the circulation. When you use this type of stockings, you rest your legs and reduces swelling. In addition, this type of stockings are particularly suitable for varicose veins.

Do you massage: massage will help to drain the lymphatic system, eliminating surplus materials from your body. The lymphatic massage will cleanse your body, helping you to eliminate fluid retention and combat obesity and cellulite.I hope to put into practice these tips to reduce fluid retention and to improve the problem of your swollen legs. Take care of your health is up to you and don't forget to pass by the doctor so that it makes you a control, track and help you to solve and prevent swollen legs.

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