Prenatal Pilates: What’s in it for You?


Posted on: 22 June 2016 by Darren Bravo

Many women often want to continue exercising even during their pregnancy. However, there is always the fear that physical exertion can end up doing them more harm than good.

Many women often want to continue exercising even during their pregnancy. However, there is always the fear that physical exertion can end up doing them more harm than good.

Fortunately, if you join prenatal Pilates Singapore classes, you now have a safe and effective way of keeping your body healthy and strong while minimizing any possible aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

What are the peerless benefits you will get from joining prenatal Pilates Singapore classes?

It helps you develop better breath control

Your diaphragm is compressed up in your chest as your baby grows. And while your lung capacity does not change, you’ll most likely find breathing properly more challenging. Fortunately, Pilates breathing works the intercostal muscles that line the ribcage. This makes it possible for you to still be able to continue to take deep breaths effortlessly.

Pilates breathing is also effective at keeping the thoracic spine flexible. This is fundamental since it has the tendency to get very tight while you are pregnant. And since Pilates exercises give emphasis to the breath connection, you will have access to a great breath technique you can use during labor.

It minimizes skeletal imbalances and muscle discomfort

As your baby grows, your body amazingly makes the necessary changes in order to make room. The changes your body makes however can compromise both alignment and posture.

While Pilates cannot stop the body from making changes, it helps by strengthening the stabilizing muscles surrounding the pelvis and hips. This will help ensure balance issues are kept to a minimum and less discomfort is experienced. A strengthened stabilizing muscle can also warrant there are no recurring imbalances postpartum.

It helps develop a more robust transverse abdominis

Not working the abdominals during pregnancy is a gross misconception many women still believe in. To set the record straight, yes, it is okay to work the abdominals even while pregnant. That does not give you the go signal however to do every abdominal exercise imaginable.

Your focus should be on the transverse abdominis and not the rectus. This means you need to forgo any workout that will entail holding or lifting the torso against gravity. Instead, go for isometric abdominal contractions which can be likened to lacing up an internal corset.

Strengthening the transverse can also help prevent a condition every mom-to-be needs to be aware of—Diastasis Recti.  As the abdominal muscles stretch during pregnancy, a small separation will manifest between the two sides of the rectus.

If your abdominal muscles are not strong enough, there is a tendency for the separation to become exaggerated. In some cases, it won’t return to its original state even after you’ve given birth. That being said, the importance of strong abdominal muscles cannot be overstated.

It helps develop stronger pelvic floor muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles have been tasked to support your organs found in the lower abdominal cavity. As your uterus grows, it will rely more and more on the pelvic floor muscles for support. In essence, this is the primary reason it needs to be strengthened.

During birth however, the pelvic muscles need to completely relax in order to allow the baby to pass through. That means your pelvic floor muscles need to also be flexible.

It helps you prepare for tasks after giving birth

Once you become a mom, your daily routine will most likely already involve bending over forward (pushing a stroller, changing nappies, and feeding, among others) and lifting so stronger arms and back can help warrant there is minimal imbalances, tensions and injuries.

Pilates is considered by many as the ultimate exercise method to adapt when pregnant. With exercises designed to promote easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, it’s easy to see why is it the choice of many pregnant women the world over.

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