Procrastination is not a vice, but a mechanism for adaptation. How to stop focusing on productivity and start enjoying life


Posted on: 01 June 2020 by Katie Abbott

You need to learn to listen to yourself and organize your life so that it is complete, interesting and makes sense - only in this case you will be able to cope with the delay syndrome.

However, studies have shown that everything is not so simple. Academic procrastination is, in fact, more typical of lagging students, while professional procrastination is perfect for perfectionists who want to bring any trifle in their work to the ideal! To deal with academic procrastination can help all students. 
Such people endlessly postpone things mainly because they doubt whether they will be able to show a decent result and avoid failure.
In addition to perfectionism, other personality traits contribute to this anxiety:
- basic anxiety, constant doubts about the safety of decisions made, the chosen path and the world as a whole;
- low self-efficacy, that is, a person’s uncertainty that he is competent enough to solve the task;
- weak self-regulation - lack of understanding of one’s own needs and needs, inability to separate external values   and goals from internal ones;
- external motivation, focus on what “should” be done and not on what you really want.
Some external conditions also play a negative role:
- the expectation of social disapproval or sanctions following the results of the work;
- a hard deadline set by the customer, and not by the contractor;
- inconsistency of working conditions with the employee motivation system;
- the public acceptance of procrastination as the norm.

It turns out that you can get into procrastinators for two reasons: because of unresolved internal conflicts or because of ineptly organized working conditions.

If we consider procrastination as a protective mechanism of the psyche, then we must recognize that we need it as much as, for example, pain or sleep.
On the one hand, putting things off is a symptom of a malfunction in our brain and / or organization of activities, and it is better, of course, to build your life so that there are as few such “bugs” as possible.
On the other hand, overcoming procrastination with the “grit your teeth and do it at all costs” method, as well as attempts to ignore pain, is fraught with complications. Therefore, the best way is to eliminate not the symptom, but the cause.
Of course, situations arise in the life of each of us that require an immediate solution here and now. For example, when the deadline is burning, and an invisible voice is whispering: “No, let's get down to work a little later!” - "symptomatic treatment" becomes the first priority, after which it is already possible to start systemic changes.

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