Protecting Your Children from Cyber Risks


Posted on: 02 May 2018 by Rono Bens

The World Wide Web is so vast that vulnerable children who have access to the internet may face certain risks

The World Wide Web is so vast that vulnerable children who have access to the internet may face certain risks. It is a good idea that parents should explore the use of apps that offer parental control features through which your children’s mobile devices that are connected to the internet can be monitored. These apps provide an extra assurance that your children are safe online. 
Using the parental control apps allow you to scale the level of monitoring you want to implement. The features can also be turned off at any time. It is a good investment that can give you lasting peace of mind knowing your children are safe. Many parents are now considering these parental control apps for the following reasons:
Make it safer for your children to browse the internet. 
You can provide additional protection for your children to keep them safe online. Using a parental control app to monitor your children’s mobile devices should be done after carefully explaining to your children the potential danger they may encounter online and their reactions if these events ever happen.
It is quite difficult to control children’s activities online by relying on manual checks.
You may attempt to check your children’s mobile devices daily manually, but you cannot be there all the time. There will be times when your children will be alone with their mobile devices. You need a simple monitoring app that can report the sites your children are visiting and the most frequently used apps.
The scare of malware and cyber hacking.
Cyber hacking has become so advanced that it can be difficult to know if your device has already been hacked. In the case of children, they are more vulnerable to click on links that can give hackers access to their information. The use of parental control apps prevent these phishing sites and malware from being accessed by your children.
Your older children have found ways to hide their browsing activity.
These days, children learn about technology very fast. There are ways to prevent you as a parent from viewing your children’s browsing history when you manually check their devices. One of them is parental control app that exposes all these details. No matter how your children try to hide their browsing activities, the reports you will get from the parental control apps will include all the details you need to know what your children are doing online.
The need to communicate with your children at all times.
 Many parents delay getting smartphones for their children because of the dangers young children are exposed to online. However communicating with your children is important especially after school hours, and when they go out on school trips. Now, you can give your children smartphones at an early age for their safety and to establish a good communication channel with them. You will also be at peace because of the parental control apps.
Busy schedules which limit proper guidance.
Many parents are too busy to properly advise and guide their children about the proper behavior and how to use the internet. Without proper guidance, it may be too late to protect your child if they are left unchecked. By viewing the regular reports sent by the parental control apps, you can remotely confirm that your children are not engaging in risky behavior online. Many of these apps include real-time alerts that can quickly draw your attention to an issue that needs to be promptly addressed.
The need to remotely control children’s internet usage.
Parents who travel a lot have no cause to worry when the parental control apps are in use. In situations where the children are away at distant schools, their mobile devices can be remotely monitored to protect them from the online risks. Some parental control apps also allow parents to schedule the child’s access to the internet daily.
It is important that our children be educated about the potential dangers on the internet from a young age. In addition to the use of parental control apps, children will also know crucial safety tips to discourage them from devising ways to beat the parental control features since they know the control measures have been installed for their protection.

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