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Posted on: 03 May 2019 by George Cruesby

In this post you'll find out what do psychologists actually do.

Launch yourself into a career in psychology and you’ll quickly notice that impulsivity is one of the most unifying behavioral traits in patients. Why do people keep doing things they don’t want to be doing?

Some of us can drink too much alcohol one day and laugh about it later, while others develop a drinking problem. Some of us find ourselves in a bad relationship and leave it, while others leave, but come back, leave, and then come back again.

Impulse and the Career in Psychology

Psychology jobs are filled with dealing with impulsive behaviors. Psychology professionals have long observed that most of their patients were behaving in ways they wish they weren’t; impulse always took over. A recent study delves deeper into the issue.

According to The New York Times, reporting on a study published online in The Journal of Psychiatric Research, impulsiveness is a crucial factor in a propensity towards bad habits and regrettable behavior.

Psychology Jobs: Finding the Impulse Brake

But the study shows that impulsivity also has its part to play with ambitions and acting on curiosity. The most successful people often flirt closely with being the most troubled (and time spent working in psychology jobs in type-A cities, like New York, shows this.)

In the study, Dr, Janine Flory found that the people with impulse related troubles were those with a taste for risk-taking, but who lacked the countervailing tendency to deliberate their actions or put the brakes on.

One Experiments, the Other Never Recovers

If and why those brakes come on, writes The New York Times, is what differentiates an Ivy Leaguer who experiments with heroine, and the one who wastes his education becoming a heroine addict.

Much of a career in psychology can be spent trying to steer patients from the addict category to the more experimental one. Psychology jobs are often devoted to finding the mental brakes necessary to make that change.

Psychology Jobs to Get Needed Boost?

According to the same psychology article, scientists are zoning in on the part of the brain that affects impulse decisions and the deliberation (or lack thereof) that mitigates them. Thanks to this research, careers in psychology could soon become more beneficial then ever. If you're interested in this career, start with writing an outstanding CV. You can also ask resume customer service for help, if you feel that your writing skills are weak.

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