Quick Tips To Avoid Some Of The Popular Cleaning Hacks


Posted on: 06 August 2018 by Sara Tulip

Every family has their own tradition which follows some quick yet effective life hacks for doing any kind of work.

The most common of them are found in the kitchen cleaning and house cleaning job. When you are living a busy life with a hectic work schedule, it gets tough at times to work on the cleaning of tough stains and marks. However, there are many cleaning hacks which are reliable but still there can be damaging at times if not done properly. Here we have a list of hacks suggested by house cleaning services London that must be avoided to prevent damage at home.

Vinegar: you all would not be surprised to see it on top because it is the most common natural cleaning agent used at home. It is very good at cleaning the stains on glass and kitchen tops but using it on appliances having rubber seal can be a risky thing to do. This is why it is preferred to be avoided at doors of oven and refrigerator. 
Salt Solution: it is familiar fact that using the salt in water while washing clothes can reduce the chances of color fading of the fabrics. But using the trick in every wash may save your clothes but it can damage your washing machine. However, the practice is safe only for the handwashing.

Toothpaste: it is quite a popular hack that using toothpaste to remove the scratches on the glass can be a great choice. But in reality, it is not a good thing to do because toothpaste could damage the lens effect of glass by adding more scratches and leaving the glass of no use.
Coconut Oil: coconut oil is a frequent ingredient used in many homemade beauty products but it is always recommended to avoid its use near the clothes. Like all other oils, they can spoil the fabric leaving a stain that could be hard to remove.
Mouthwash: last but not the least, we have mouthwash in our list. It is getting viral over the internet and social media that using mouthwash to clean the washing machine is a great hack. People believe that pouring mouthwash into washing machine can help in deep cleaning but it is all just psychology because it will only give a pleasant smell of mint but would not assist you in any type of deep cleaning.

We understand that life these days is getting very busy with each passing day leaving you with no time to work on cleaning. But why you should worry when you can hire the Domestic Cleaning Jobs London to work on all the cleaning job using professional equipment and material leaving a lasting and clean impression. So, if you are worried about stains in your house and dirty carpets which are hard to handle, it is better to call an expert who has the right knowledge of dealing with them without causing any damage to your essentials at home.

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