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Posted on: 20 July 2017 by Ashley Mills

For Britons pondering a move to another part of the world, Australia usually figures quite prominently on any shortlist of potential destinations.Being so far away, this might seem paradoxical – but naturally, there are many obvious (and not-so-obvious) why we might be tempted to make the switch to Oz.Let’s take a look at some of them.


One of the most alluring things about Australia is that it enjoys far more sunshine than we do in the UK.As such, it’s worth packing a few bottles of sunblock, and stocking up again when you’ve arrived.It’s also worth remembering that different parts of the country experience sunshine to different extents, owing to the fact that the country is so vast, and so extends over a considerable gulf in latitude.If you’re on the far north of the country, things will be toastier in general than the far south – and this is worth bearing in mind when you’re considering where you’d like to move to.

One thing that you’ll immediately notice if you look at a map of the country is that all of the major population centres are based on the coastline.This is so for a simple reason – the middle of the country is far, far drier and hotter.The sea tends to act like a heatsink, providing a cooling effect during summer and a warming one during winter, and as such urban areas like Sydney tend to benefit from a more temperate climate.

Familiar Language

As you’re doubtless aware, the Australians speak the same language as we do here in the UK.This makes it especially easy for British expats looking to emigrate to Australia, as they’ll be in a much stronger position to tackle the jobs in demand in Australia.There are, however, some differences between the language spoke in the UK and that spoke in Australia.For one thing, you’re likely to find certain phrases which might be offensive sprinkled more liberally into otherwise polite conversation.If you find that you’re in such an awkward situation, the best approach is often to simply give the other person the benefit of the doubt!

As well as these sorts of sources of cultural friction, you’ll also need to contend with the Australian accent.This is something you’ll simply have to adjust to; over time, you’ll surely even find that you’ve adopted the accent for yourself!

Familiar Food

When it comes to cuisine, Australia’s tastes are well-known and well-publicised.They all love barbeques – you’ll even find them out in public along the beaches of the gold coast, just waiting for an enterprising cook to spark up and impromptu grilling session.Barbeques in Australia tend to be more along the lines of the quick grills we’re accustomed to in the UK than to the slowly-smoked Louisiana-style sort.Since the country boasts some of the largest fishing territories of any part of the world, there’s a significant seafood component to barbeques here.You’ll find crab, shrimp and other things that scuttle and swim are all suitable for a fiery grill.If you prefer a traditional beef burger, you’ll also find that the cattle in Australia can be of exceptional quality.Toss a slice of beetroot on top of your burger and you’ll fit straight in.


Having only been founded just a few centuries ago, Australia doesn’t quite have the same history as the European countries which first settled here.With that said, there are a range of historical sites and museums worthy of exploration.And, naturally, life didn’t begin here with the arrival of Captain Cook – there’s also a rich aboriginal heritage to investigate, with sites of special significance dotted across the Australian landscape.If you’d like to learn more about native culture, you’ll be able to do so with the help of an array of different facilities.


Being such an enormous country, it should probably come as little surprise that Australia is home to a wealth of geographical diversity.In New South Wales, you’ll find mountains surrounded by a unique blue haze, caused by the abundant eucalyptus in the area.In the centre of the country, you’ll find Uluru – or Ayer’s Rock – from which you’ll be able to take in the night sky without the associated light pollution.Finally, there’s the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, just off the coast of Queensland – which provides a home for the most massive and diverse collection of marine life on the planet.If you’re in this part of the world, each should be considered a must-visit.

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