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Posted on: 12 February 2020 by Janis Masterson

The growth of the Reborn Doll industry in the UK

A decade or so ago, not many had actually ever heard of reborn dolls. There were a few designers quietly at work scattered around the world but the hobby or indeed sale of reborn dolls had not caught on.

These days, it's a thriving industry which continues to grow year on year. Dolls can sell for as little as 20 or 30 pounds however it's the high end of the market that concerns most collectors.

Avid reborn doll fans are willing to pay thousands of pounds for the finest creations. These incredibly lifelike and realistic dolls are designed with the finest details in mind. They are sometimes made to look like a loved one but in most cases they are unique creations.

In the United Kingdom, websites such as reborn dolls UK are leading the way when it comes to highlighting the newest and best reborn dolls for sale.

You can easily buy kits, clothes and all the various parts you will need if your interested in creating your own reborn doll. It could be a great new hobby to explore.

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