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Posted on: 15 December 2015 by Mindy Lucas

I want to start this blog of mine with my most favorite subject (other than real estate), which is Fitness! And what a great place to write about this on a site where people have just crossed their fifties... :)

The age old adage that “Health is Wealth” has been used and re used umpteen number of times, but the yet the true essence of what that simple string of words try to convey cannot be stressed enough.

The great Herophiles captured the stark truth and laid it bare before us when he said the words that I had quoted in the beginning, If we pause for a moment and reflect on what he has said, it is indeed so apparent that the revelation brings a pang of shame to our mind that is tough to gulp down. Lack of goof mental and physical health can cripple our lives in many more ways than we imagine.

It can blunt our intellectual prowess, can break us physically, smother our existence with ailments and diseases, and simply take the joy and meaning out of living.

In fact the most alarming development is that millions and millions of people continue to conduct their lives while staying immersed in the seas of oblivion. But that is completely fine when you discover that an equal if not larger number of people are actually aware of this fact but still are apprehensive to emerge out of the fake cocoon of happiness that they have enveloped themselves with.

They fail to accept the truth that is staring at their faces, choosing instead to turn away and consoling themselves that what they are doing is the “right” or the “normal” thing to do.

I say this not because I wish to be called the harbinger of doomsday, but because the number of people who relegate health and fitness to the least important sphere of their lives constitute the vast majority amongst us.

One of the primary reasons for this is the pace of life in these turbulent times.

People seldom find the time to devote to anything other than their vocations and the incessant race to reach the top.

But the simple question remains as to what is the point of racing to the summit if you are going to collapse at the top out of the breathless exertion that you have put your bodies through.

As I mentioned above, this less-than-favourable outlook towards exercise is because of the misconceptions associated with it.

Partly spread by people who never tried exercising and partly by those who did try, but in the wrong way. And that is precisely what I intend to set straight with this blog. Because I firmly believe in the notion that if done the right way, exercise and fitness can truly transform your life beyond your farthest expectations.

The benefits would not be felt just in terms of physical health, but in every other significant avenue of your life.

The fact needs to be reiterated that the prime reason for people not taking up exercise and physical fitness regularly are the multitudes of misconceptions and misinformation associated with it.

And the reason for the quitters is the hardship they have to go through on a daily basis.

It will be correct for you to assume that in this blog I intend to address both of these issues.

First and foremost, let us establish without doubt that, done with the right frame of mind, exercise can very be the most gratifying part of your whole day.

As I had mentioned before, the benefits of that half an hour or one hour spent exercising can spill over to the rest of the day and actually play a huge role in making you feel positive. And in fact, you do not even have to depend on stupid diet pills or supplements like glucomannan to lose that ugly flab!

The second important thing is the notion that makes people quit; that is the hatred of the exercises and other practices they do in order to remain fit.

The remedy to this problem is extremely simple yet extremely effective. All you need to do is love what you do.

Do not look upon the time spent every day on the treadmill or in the gym as a session of torture; instead consider it as the time of physical invigoration and emancipation. When you love an activity, the difficulties endured in performing that activity turn to enjoyable challenges that inspire to push yourself.

The key to satisfying both these criterion lies in a simple revamping of you perception.

What needs to be changed is the age old way of thinking that physical exercise for weight loss is something that needs to be hard in order to be effective.

But as Bob Dylan sang, in what now feels to be an eon ago, times are changing and that means so should your thought process. Scientists and researchers have proved it beyond doubt that the physical exercise needs to be smart rather than merely hard.

Now, don’t even imagine for a second that there is some hot shot new technology by which you just need to scamper around a few steps and lift a couple of extra-light dumbbells to stay ship shape. No that’s not what I meant by the term “working out smart”. What that phrase means is that you need to ask yourself certain questions and try answer them in the most honest way.

The following are the questions;

  1. Do I really love and enjoy the practice of regular exercise? If not, then why?
  2. What is my primary objective?
  3. Is my exercise regimen really effective? If not, then what can I do in order to improve the efficacy?
  4. How can I make my workouts smarter?

These are the four questions that I shall be covering in this blog of mine. This is very important because before we go in depth into the various technicalities of weight training and aerobics etc., we must first get the basics right. So let us tackle the questions one by one...


Do I really love exercising?

The underlying intention behind asking yourself this question is very simple, and yet so important. It is an inherent basic human nature that we can only do something effectively and efficiently if we really love it.

Any action done begrudgingly will deliver only sub-par results.

This principle holds true in all areas of our life, be it professional or personal. And there is no reason why it should not apply to your physical fitness regimen as well.

In any kind of physical exercise, be it aerobics or weight training or any other ancillary form, you whole hearted dedication is an unavoidable requisite.

And thus dedication stems from your love for that activity. There is a reason why I have stressed upon this and we shall take a look at that with the help of weight training as an example. Weight training is hard; there is no doubt about that.

And it shall be effective only if you push yourself hard. If you can curl 30 pounds with your arms, then development will occur only if you manage to lift heavier consistently.

And that mental conviction to push your body physically will only come from the love and dedication within you. And hence the importance of asking yourself whether you love exercising or not.

Because if you don’t, then somehow inspire yourself to living healthy by taking up regular physical exercise.


What is my primary objective?

Having looked at the first question, let us move on to the second one. This is where you ask yourself what exactly is your primary objective behind exercising.

This question holds an immense amount of significance because like anything else in your life, the route you take depends on the objective you have fixed for yourself.

Similarly, the methodology of your exercise will depend on what you are aiming for. For instance the exercise regimen of a person training for a 20 mile marathon will be very different from that of a wrestler or boxer. Both are as drastically different from each other as they can be.

Hence you have to ascertain whether your objective is a long term one or a short term one.

You have to decide whether you consider physical fitness as a life-long objective or whether you are pursuing a more short tern goal such as preparing yourself for a competition or meet.

Because, as I said earlier, in order for your exercise regimen to be smart and effective, it should be tweaked to meet the requirements of your objective.

Hence it is very apparent that it is extremely important to arrive at your objectives with as much clarity as possible because as I have said, lack of a solid objective is the biggest hindrance to achieving efficiency in your workouts.


How can I make my exercise regimen more effective?

Asking yourself this question will be much more easy than the previous two questions.

Because of the simple reason that by answering the first two questions you have made sure that you are indeed on the right path with the right intention. Two kinds of people would have reached this stage in a satisfactory manner.

The first group would be the beginners, who wish to adopt a lifestyle of physical fitness.

The second group would be those are already engaged in some kind of physical activity on a regular basis.

But the present question holds value whether you belong to the first group or the second one. It is one thing to be engage yourself in some kind physical activity on a regular basis, while it is a completely different thing to go about your workouts in the most efficient method possible.

This intended increase in efficiency calls for a proper self-appraisal. I say this is important because this is one area where your own rating of your performance matters much higher than that of others.

After asking yourself this question, you have to reflect on the matter and find out the lacunae. Sniff out where you are lacking.

There are many factors here, some apparent, while some others may not be so obvious. Your exercise regimen may be lacking in terms of correct technique of movements or insufficient nutrition or rest or even lack of motivation.

When it comes to technique and principles of exercise I shall covering them I detail in the forthcoming blogs. But it is imperative that you ascertain where your efficiency can be improved.


How can I make my workouts smarter?

This is the core subject of this blog and hence demands the maximum attention in this regard.

The idea is to figure out how you can make your workouts smarter. The phrase “smarter” used here has a wide scope as it covers much more than its literal meaning.

As I had mentioned earlier, the most important aspect is to work out smart and not merely hard. Simply because of the fact that a lot of hard work done in a blind fashion will yield much lesser results than the similar amount of work done in the smart way.

“Smart” here signifies aspects like the correct number of repetitions, the right number of sets of an exercise, the apt duration of rest time between sets, lifting the ideal amount of weights for each body part depending on whether the intention is gain of strength or endurance or size, the right amount of aerobics, the number of meals a day and the pattern, so on and so forth.

As you can see here, the word “smart” encompasses a very wide array of parameters and notions that all have to looked at.

Many of these factors are major ones that have a prominent impact on your exercise regimen. The benefits of these are immediately noticeable.

Some factors may not have that radical an impact but over a period of time you will begin to see the results. In the subsequent blogs we will go over these factors one by one in depth.

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