Safe Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Homes


Posted on: 09 September 2014 by Shannon Gilborg

It is true that there are many articles devoted to safe and eco friendly cleaning products for the best preserving of your health. It is good to know that you can prepare or find these products nowadays, however there are few of us that will think about the influence of the cleaning products and detergents on the pets.

If you possess at least one cute representative of dogs or cats you know that they are very vulnerable towards certain types of allergies and diseases that could be easily provoked by some types of cleaning products. A fact that may surprise you is that some animals are more sensitive to allergic reactions compared to people and for that reason it is better to turn to natural and safe cleaning products if you do not to disturb the health of your pet.

To find a solution to this common problem we will help you with useful information about some pet friendly cleaning products that you can use without any hesitation.

1.The practical lemon juice

The lemon juice turns out to be one of the perfect substitutions to all the detergents that you usually buy from the stores. The lemon juice needs to be added to a vinegar solution or to some kind of soap. It will become the perfect cleaning product for dealing with grease and other spots. Apart from this you can also use the lemon juice for the thorough cleaning of vegetables and fruit.

2.The good old salt

Everyone is well familiar with the fact that salt is natural abrasive cleaner that is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of stains that are hard to be removed in the normal way. You can also mix the salt with other natural cleaning products in order to make a paste, but that strongly depends on the type of the cleaning problem.

3.The baking soda

This wonderful and pet friendly cleaner is impeccable friend for the providing of your green cleaning. It can be used for treating so many kinds of surfaces that we advise you to have a jar of baking soda, whenever you wish to initiate cleaning processes in your home. Whether for treating the bathroom surfaces, that require extensive cleaning in order to be sparkling clean, or simply for. When possessing baking soda you can even deodorize your carpets that possess unpleasant smells. All you need to do is to leave a layer of baking soda on to the surface of the carpet for about 20 minutes.

4.The distilled white vinegar

The distilled white vinegar has always been a herbicide ingredient that has ensured the safe cleaning of your home. It is a preferred option for being an excellent sanitizer and disinfectant for a wide range of purposes. We guarantee that this sanitizer is absolutely pet friendly and that won't endanger the health of your favourite pets. For more effective cleaning it can be diluted with water and used on a variety of surfaces.


The most important aspect before starting with the real cleaning is to think about of the health of your pets. Always search for alternative and non toxic ways in which to provide the regular cleaning of your home. If you choose the non- commercial products you can save up a lot of money spent on the traditionally expensive cleaning products that often turn out to be ineffective. We advise you to stop and think about the comfort of your pets because some of the cleaning products are too strong and can cause allergies and other unpleasant reactions.

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