Sailing in Croatia


Posted on: 26 February 2015 by Josip Ivanovic

Why is sailing in Croatia great experience?

Croatia is the perfect destination for those craving a sailing experience. Situated strategically on the Adriatic coastline, it provides access to the beautiful clear waters to give you that ultimate sailing encounter. While one can take a cruise and get to experience the magnificent scenery, renting a yacht would expose them to a more magical experience.

For those sailing with close loved ones, renting a yacht gives you a better chance to be alone and share private moments without strange onlookers. It can be ideal for a honeymoon experience as well as a family getaway as you get to control the sailing and bond as a family or lovers. 


For those who like to keep to themselves the seclusion provided by a rental yacht will outdo any discomfort in hotel lodgings any day. Apart from the crew or skipper perhaps there is no one you need to worry about neighbouring.

A rental is more suitable for special purposes. One can plan a party in a rented yacht to combine with the sailing experience. It is also more homely and comfortable for those with children as you get to move to different places without having to change transportation means too often which can be a bit haphazard.

With a rental yacht you are free to stay at different locations for the period rented without having to repack at each destination. This allows you more time to visit more places without worrying about what you might have forgotten to pack. Amenities and itinerary are available at your beck and call for crewed rentals. The yacht is basically the home at sea.

Yacht renting offers a more liberal sailing experience with all the tools at your command. It is more real than taking cruises as it instils a true 'sailor' feeling for the period the yacht is under charter and completely under one’s command.

Yacht at nightThe freedom that comes with a rented yacht allows you to discover timeless sailing skills from the crew or more especially if it’s a skippered yacht. You can help to commandeer the yacht and learn one or two facts about sailing. When tired, you can relax as the skipper takes charge.

The rented yacht allows you to visit the most desirable places to you and observe leisurely whilst avoiding the crowds of holiday goers. You can see sights from the comfort of your yacht.

If you have a crew then they will tell you most of what you need to know about Croatia. Skippers are also mostly local people with a vast knowledge about the country. This will orient you to what is most outstanding about the country even without visiting all the places. 

With a rental there is no rush. If you fall in love with a particular spot you can stay and enjoy the scenery, the breeze and al it has to offer without worrying about hurrying to find a lodging place.

Overall cruising is great but a rental yacht offers more especially for longer vacations. Croatia has many places that rent yachts both crewed and skippered at great prices. You can get exactly what you need for that great experience.

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