Scheduling online appointments – How is this beneficial to medical practices?


Posted on: 12 July 2017 by Ashley Mills

If you have noticed, an increasing number of medical practices throughout the world are going online with the introduction of their appointment booking systems. Clinics, hospitals and therapeutic groups, you name them and they all have a system of scheduling online appointments. With the advancements in the internet, there is a greater need to understand how such systems are not only working but they also potentially benefit the patients and their practice.

Booking doctor’s appointments online, re-booking, reminders, cancellations, follow-ups and several other functions can now be handled online without having to go through the fuss of manual scheduling of appointments. Healthcare providers and doctors may choose which system works best for them depending on their field of practice and kinds of processes involved. You may refer to websites like Topdoctors to get in touch with the best doctors and health professionals online.

Online appointment scheduling – Why is this system getting popular?

More than 4.5 billion people in the world are predicted to use mobile phones in this year. Data from 2016 show fast growth rates in terms of the number of people using internet in their mobile phones and this trend is predicted to grow with time. So, it is a no-brainer that more people will seek healthcare assistance online only with a tap in their phones. Here are few reasons behind the system’s popularity.

Ease, convenience and accessibility

Majority of the people now take resort to online management for various sorts of services. Any task that can be done online spells ease-of-use, convenience and easy access. Getting access to healthcare services online assists patients to stay more connected and also gives them more control over time. Reports suggest that 19% of patients book their appointments online now and by 2019, the figure will be 65%.

Helps keep slots full and reduces no-shows

No-shows and nonattendance usually leads to a loss of revenue, increased expenses and affected workflow. When appointments are done online, this greatly reduces nonattendance and no-shows and hence saves revenue. Previously, one of the most common reasons for no-shows was forgetting about appointments. The automated reminders that are sent online these days help patients remember their appointments.

Available 24X7

With the conventional booking method, the patient has to call for a doctor’s appointment during working hours to book an appointment. But with regards to the online scheduling system, patients can check the availability of the doctor and book appointments, regardless of whether the clinic is busy or closed. This increases the convenience of the patients.

Online payment is easier

All online services will have online payments associated with them and hence such patients who have already shelled out cash from their banks will be less likely to miss their appointments. This reduces no-shows and also helps in keeping the schedules of the doctor full. The information of all patients is kept secure and people are also comfortable in making online payments.

Therefore, all health providers are turning to technology to upgrade the way they provide services to patients and to improve their quality of services. Online appointment systems are certainly a step forward for the medical and health care industry. 

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