Seconds Matter to Someone with Arthritis


Posted on: 15 September 2015 by Joseph Halsall

Redditch company Premier Care in Bathing, have commissioned a video to raise awareness about Arthritis. The video is called 'Seconds Matter' Read more about the awareness project below

In this video, Seconds Matter, we raise awareness of the condition by presenting the many different ways arthritis can impact people’s lives. Time is a very precious resource; sometimes we wish we had more and it can easily be spent. With there being 86,400 seconds each day, no more, no less, someone who suffers with arthritis can often find themselves with little time to do many things due to the symptoms of the disease.

Arthritis can really affect how quickly and easily you do everyday chores. The condition is an inflammation of the joints and problems with the joints makes moving around much more difficult.

While creating the awareness video, we at Premier Care interviewed people with arthritis to find out how it affects their lives. Tony Venn from Horsham has Rheumatoid arthritis and he described how he lives with it:

I find it difficult to get in and out of the bath and I am also afraid I might fall,” he said.

“The pain isn’t constant but it does flare up which makes it very difficult to do day to day activities,” he added.

The storyline follows:

  • Two able-bodied twins as they start their day, leading up to meeting for a morning coffee.
  • One is wearing the suit, which is fitted to simulate stiff, aching limbs. The other twin is free to move as normal.
  • The camera follows them for a morning to compare and highlight the struggles people with arthritis endure on a daily basis.

For just 90 seconds out of your 86,400 you can see how they got along.

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