Sell Your House Online and Save Thousands of Pounds


Posted on: 05 January 2015 by Michael Eccles

You can save thousands of pounds by using an Online Agent rather than a traditional High Street Estate Agent, the only difference... You carry out the viewings.

With the continued popularity of the internet, people are now looking to sell their houses directly via the big property portals, namely Rightmove and Zoopla. Although these portals do not currently allow users to add details of their property themselves, using an Online Estate Agent to bridge the gap is now a very viable solution and is enabling people to save thousands of pounds in traditional Estate Agent fees.

Looking to save money?

The traditional Estate Agent has for years had the monopoly on dealing with house sales and have therefore been able to charge a percentage fee on the sale value of the house.

With the rise of the internet comes the use of such massive website portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla the traditional estate agent's marketing methods have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of Newspaper advertising and leaflet drops. Hear to stay are the new forms of advertising - online and social media.

This means the traditional high percentage fees are now out-dated and overpriced.

In step the Online Estate Agents and their massively reduced rates. Online Estate Agents now offer set fee packages that include everything needed to sell a house in this modern age of online marketing.

Get the best deal, shop around...

Make sure you shop around, the competition of Online Estate Agents is fierce and they often offer extras such as reduced rate Conveyancing fees to entice people to use their services.

So if you are willing to carry out the viewings yourself you could make massive savings when compared to a traditional Estate Agent's fee structure.


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Michael Eccles

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