Senior-Friendly Festivals and Attractions in the US


Posted on: 24 March 2015 by Andrew Newitt

Going on an exciting travels, sightseeing and attending various festivals and events doesn’t always have to be associated with younger people. Truth is, the only factor deciding how soon you will pack your baggage and have a great fun on a journey is how young you are inside and your desire for new and fulfilling experiences.

Good news is that you don’t really have to look too far because the United States are spread with the multitude of interesting content for you and your family. So, before you book your tickets and start preparing for your ideal and well deserved vacation, try considering one of these places and events.

Universal Studios: Following the footsteps of famous movie stars, down the Hollywood Walk of Fame you will soon discover that the City of Angeles is a host to numerous movie festivals and many interesting movie-related attractions. But if you really want to experience the joy of cinema, there is no better way than by visiting the original Universal Studios. For the price of admission, you will be granted access to theme park, sound stages and the studio tour.

Staples Center: While in the Los Angeles, do not miss a chance to visit Staples Center and you will surely enjoy some of the best games you’ve ever seen, whether you are interested in NBA or NHL. LA Lakers, LA Clippers and LA Kings will make sure you have a great time. Getting to Los Angeles sports tickets is very simple and you can easily book them online.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum: Moving out 50 miles from downtown Los Angeles, you will have the opportunity to walk onboard the Air Force One, presidential airplane, see numerous photographs and documents from Ronald Reagan’s life, gifts he received in his years as an acting president as well as some interesting artifacts such as the famous Notre Dame sweater.

Tournament of Roses: If you are visiting Los Angeles County during the winter holidays, you will be also treated with some very colorful events, because the annual festival season starts as early as January 1 with Tournament of Roses in city Pasadena. Here you will be treated to a parade of marching bands, flower-covered floats and equestrians, followed by Rose Bowl football game. It’s a real feast for eyes and an experience you don’t want to miss.

Fort McHenry: Moving out to East Coast, be sure not to miss Baltimore as one of yours preferred tourist destinations, because this is the place rich with history and numerous attractions such as USS Constellation, Star-Spangled Banner Flag House and the city’s crown jewel Fort McHenry, site of the battle immortalized in Francis Scott Key’s “The Star-Spangled Banner“, today re-enacted annually during the Defenders Day celebration.

Wickford Art Festival: Held since 1962, Wickford Art Festival is one of the longest running New England’s festivals of such kind, and a place where you can enjoy pleasant outdoor walk through seaside village, while meeting artists and seeking an artwork you can admire and eventually buy, or simply have a relaxed afternoon in one of the numerous local restaurants.

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