Simple Tips to Stay Healthy after 50


Posted on: 08 June 2017 by Mathews McGarry

A few tips to stay healthy as you age.

With retirement just around the corner and your kids out of the nest, this period of your life can be as fulfilling as your youth, if not more, if you build a healthy lifestyle that will allow you the freedom of adventure and exploration.

1.     Challenge your brain

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of stepping into the realm of retirement is keeping your mind engaged. An excellent way to avoid getting stuck in a rut is to pick up a new hobby, such as playing an instrument, origami or gardening, playing games, or learning a new skill.

Any form of learning keeps your mind sharp and allows your brain to create new connections, which will keep your mind in excellent shape and provide you with more sources of excitement and joy.

2.     Enjoy the written word

Reading books might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but its benefits are numerous and they can be yet another way of enriching your life. Reading has a profound effect on your mind, much like learning a new language, it can even lower your risk of dementia, boost your communication skills, help you relax and improve your sleep, among many other things.

Moreover, you can also read the newspaper to stay in the loop of current events and enjoy discussions with your loved ones, which can also strengthen your relationships and help your mind stay in shape.

3.     Get moving

Physical activity is much more than a necessity for your body. It’s a prerequisite for an all-round healthy life, including your resilience, strength, independence and cognitive acuity. Regular cardio workouts such as jogging or brisk walking are essential for maintaining your cardiovascular and respiratory systems healthy. Moreover, resistance training at the local gym can keep your joints, muscles and your connective tissues strong and safe.

Luckily, you can find high-quality gym wear in the UK as well as handy accessories such as sweat bands and gloves to keep your workouts injury-proof, comfortable, your skin free of irritations and to ensure optimal results.

4.     Adapt your diet

Just like our eyesight and hearing tend to weaken as we age, our tastebuds also start to lose their “touch”. That’s why people start using too much salt and other spices, thinking that the food isn’t as tasty as it should be, which can in turn hinder their health. Instead, lower your sodium intake to protect your heart and keep your blood pressure steady.

Focus your menu around lean protein, healthy fats and carbs, and steer clear of processed foods and those laden with unhealthy sugars. In fact, you can structure your nutrition plan on the Mediterranean lifestyle and eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, seafood and whole grains.

5.     Nurture your relationships

While solitary activities and hobbies are useful for building your mental capacity, devoting time to your friends, family and your spouse can have tremendous benefits on your emotional wellbeing. You can set a designated day for a date night with your loved one, share an activity or two together, and you can make arrangements with your friends for a movie or dance night or a regular tea session every once in a while.

Cultivating friendships and close family relationships can be of utmost importance both in times of crisis and turmoil, as well as an excellent way to safeguard your health and wellbeing.

6.     Spend more time in nature

Despite all the wonderful perks of modern society, we’re mostly deprived of our inherent need to spend time surrounded with greenery, the sounds and smells of nature and detox our minds and bodies from the digital oversaturation. Try to incorporate an occasional field trip with your spouse, friend or even go solo to a nearby natural reserve, a forest, or a lake.

Spending more time in nature will help you keep stress at bay, sleep better, think more clearly and be more focused. Nature also has an anti-carcinogenic effect on your immune system and it boosts your overall resilience, making it the ideal solution to modern-day problems.

Enrich your time with fulfilling activities, surround yourself with those you love, take good care of your health, and your retirement will become a joy-filled adventure in which you will bask for years to come! 

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