Six golden rules for renewing your wedding vows


Posted on: 31 May 2018 by Milton Grimes

The number of people getting divorced today is scary. If you’re still married after all these years it’s something to celebrate. You should make it official by renewing your wedding vows, which will show the world how much you love your partner.

I bet you’ve never even thought about it before, so you’ll have no idea where to start. You probably can’t even remember getting married because it was so long ago. We’re going to look at a few golden rules to follow if you go through with it.

1. You Can Celebrate in Style

In the past, most people who renewed their vows invited family and friends to a small ceremony. It’s unlikely anyone else really knew what was going on. You shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate in style if you want a second wedding.

Maybe you couldn’t afford anything too extravagant in the past, but now you’ve had the chance to save up lots of money. After you’ve sat down to discuss things with your partner follow through on anything you have your heart set on.

2. Replacing Your Old Rings

I’m guessing the carat of your diamond engagement ring doesn’t weigh you down. Your wedding ring must look like it’s been bashed over the years too. You should replace them with more lavish ones if you have enough money in the bank.

Once you’ve renewed your vows you will want to remember your second big day for years to come. You’ll be able to do that by looking down at your hand. Please feel free to keep your old rings if they hold special meaning to you.

3. Throw a Bachelor(ette) Party

Once you get married you don’t go out too much. You definitely begin to lose contact with old friends. Kids come into the picture and you don’t want your career to take a back seat, so you find new ways to have fun.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a wild night out with friends. Maybe it will be less chaotic than your first one, but you’ll have a great time catching up. Make sure the parties aren’t the night before you renew your vows.

4. Choose Your Dress Carefully

Wearing a wedding dress with a 12-foot train isn’t really necessary when renewing your vows. This time around you should wear something less formal. If you still want to wear white there are lots of casual wedding dresses available.

Alternatively, you could wear a gorgeous cocktail dress or evening gown. This time you’ll be able to wear any colour you want. You will have a lot more options to choose from and you’ll be able to save so much money.

5. Write Your Own Wedding Vows

A small percentage of people write their own wedding vows when getting married, but most couples tend to go with tradition. Unfortunately, it’s a little pointless to say the exact same thing 20-50 years later.

The reason you’re having this ceremony is to renew your vows, so they have to be extra special. You’ll have so much to say because of everything that has happened over the years, so take your time and get them right.

6. Don’t Ask for Wedding Gifts

The reason guests give gifts to newly married couples is because it helps them transition into their new lives. You’ve been married for a long time, so you shouldn’t ask anyone to give you gifts to avoid any trouble.

Nearly everyone you invite will find it extremely rude. Even if they don’t say anything to your face they’ll talk behind your back. You should be the one treating all your friends and family to an excellent reception.

Relive the Greatest Day Of Your Lives

If you decide to relive the greatest day of your lives you’ll have an amazing time. It’s something you should seriously consider. The fact you’re both still in love to this day shows you deserve it.

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