Spring break


Posted on: 25 February 2011 by Jay Carter

spring break is not only for the MTV watching youngsters in the US

One of the better things about getting to this age is having more free time in order to enjoy yourself. This morning I took the decision to treat myself as my partner to what american’s call a spring break. I have booked up for ten days at the Hotel Arona Gran in Los Cristianos on Tenerife. It has been a few years since we have been to the Canary Islands, I am looking forward to going back. The last time we were there we were staying at friend’s villa. We got a surprise when their son turned up with his friends unannounced. Luckily there was enough room for all of us and after his initial drunken entrance we all got on well.

This time our plan is relax and get our share of the sun’s waves, before people worry we will have ample sun creams and blockers. I love the pace of life over there. Can there be a finer thing than sitting in a pavement café enjoying a San Miguel as life goes by.

When we were younger we used to mainly visit cities in Europe where we would visit art galleries and enjoy fine architecture. I would usually arrange the visits to coincide with the local football team playing at home. Luckily my better half enjoys football.

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