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Posted on: 05 September 2018 by Alan Irvine

A recent survey of over 55s revealed that pet owners do almost double the amount of exercise as non-pet owners.

A recent survey with adults over 55 years old found that pet owners do almost double the amount of exercise – raising their heart rate five times a week, compared to just three times for non-pet owners – and nine in 10 owners believe their pet is good for their health and wellbeing.

Non-pet owners can also benefit from spending time with pets and improved fitness by becoming home and pet sitters.

Homesitters stay in people’s homes when they go away, taking care of the home and their pets. They receive a modest remuneration to supplement a pension or other income and have the chance to stay in some amazing properties across the UK.

This flexible type of employment can help retired people keep fit and active. Most of our homesitters are drawn to the role because they love looking after pets but they don’t want the responsibilities of owning their own. The role also offers the chance for people to stay fit and healthy from dog walking and other duties.

Most assignments involve looking after pets, especially cats and dogs. Not only is dog walking great cardio-vascular exercise, which can boost fitness levels, but stroking and caring for pets is renowned for improving emotional and mental wellbeing.

One self-confessed fitness enthusiast is 69-year old Sue Cabrelli from Loughborough. Sue has been a homesitter for ten years and was drawn to the role to have a sense of purpose and enjoyment in retirement.

Sue loves looking after animals and exploring different parts of the country, plus it enables her to keep active and spend time on the hobbies she enjoys.

Sue explains, “I have visited so many beautiful places I wouldn’t have even considered. There are wonderful rural villages throughout the UK. I love walking and when I am on assignment I often take the dogs out for long walks. If there aren’t any dogs, I just walk myself.”

Sue learned to horse ride when she retired and takes her riding gear with her on assignments and, if there’s an equestrian centre nearby, she books a lesson and goes for a ride.

She says, “I’m a big exercise freak – I take a Pilates class once a week as well as horse riding. When I go on assignment I take my yoga mat and do a Pilates routine every morning, which fascinates the dogs. They always come to see what I’m doing and on a recent homesit I did my ‘rolldown’ and got my face licked at the bottom!”

Homesitting also gives Sue time to practice her other passion, cooking. She always takes a cookery book with her and tries out new recipes she can then cook for her husband, Mark when she goes home and she also does large jigsaws in the evenings.

We are always on the lookout for dedicated and responsible people to join us as homesitters. We have assignments throughout the UK and people can do as many or as few as they wish throughout the year. We encourage people to get in touch if they think they would be suitable.

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