Stay Stylish with the Latest Eyewear Trends this Season


Posted on: 29 December 2015 by Jennifer Collins

Most people will agree that the eyes are one of the first qualities you look for in another person.

So if you’re wearing eyewear, it has to look good, right? Of course! And don’t worry; we’re here to give you insight into the latest trend for shades and frames.

The most popular features include geometric frames in black, large golden frames with warm tints, and uniquely patterned frames that stand out in the crowd. Each image has a specific name and style, and we’re going to put you in the know so you can buy the trendiest eyewear this season. Glasses are a great accessory to keep your eyes protected and looking good year long, and these styles will stand out as the hottest looks on the market today.

The Mathematical Frame

Nerdy chic has never looked so appealing. Angular cuts and geometric shapes are emphasized on these frames. These eyeglasses achieve a simple, bold look that will make people wonder why you look so smart and mysterious. The trend is popular in both men’s and women’s designer glasses frames.

Celebrities like Randy Jackson and Kid Cudi have been sporting the look for a while, and now the style has high demand in the current fashion market. Lens sizes come in all shapes from narrow to wide or oversized frames. No matter your preference, your bookworm charm will allure to the masses. So, pick one of the trendiest eyewear that best suits on you.

The mathematical frame is often seen in dark colors and shaded lens tints. Black remains the new black with these sophisticated frames. The dark contrast will pair well with your eyes and give off an enticing image to your look. These daring lenses will look great during professional business endeavors, a night on the town, or an easygoing day at the local coffee shop.

The Instagram Image

Selfies will be irresistible with these latest shades. This 1970s look has caught on to social media and now it’s becoming the newest craze in eyewear. Gold frame glasses are a popular option for these retro frames, as are turtle patterned frames. The eyewear is popular in both sunglasses and eyeglasses.

For sunglasses, rose and gold tints are popular for the lens. The golden lens and frames complement each other very well and give a distinctive glow to your look. Wide and oversized frames will also stand out amongst the crowd. There’s no time to waste, step back in time with these timeless frames and amp up your selfie pictures with these trendy glasses.

For men, the 1970s look has also become the latest style too. These glasses are popular in aviator or wayfarer frames. Depending on your head size and length, between the aviator and wayfarer frame, there is a set of eyewear that will suit your look and needs. The wayfarer has been increasingly known for looking both classy and casual on nearly anyone. Since the frames on these styles tend to be larger, they will offer a lot of coverage and visibility. Modern touches to these classic styles are giving way to a high demand in the fashion market. Whether you’re in the office, on vacation, or on an adventure, you’ll always look confident with these fearless frames.

Patterned and Colored Frames

Bright colors are in style to gain a bold look to your frame. Pick a color that accentuates your eyes and skin tone, or choose from our suggested selection below.

Turquoise and mint hues have been the hottest shades of the season. This Aquatic style embodies blue colors on sleek frames of any size or style. Give your outfit an extra “pop” with these bubbly, ocean-inspired eyeglasses. Plus, no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll always have a little bit of color in your life.

Another popular option is floral frames. Your look will always stay fresh with these everlasting blossoms. Put some flower power in your look with intriguing and charming patterns of all colors and flora. Earthy leaf tones and vibrant floral petals will give your designer glasses frames a unique look that pairs well with any outfit or style. Your glasses will look so cute that you’ll want to photobomb every photo shoot while wearing them.

The wooden look is another style that suits well with a down to earth personality. Think of it as mountain man meets retro designer fashion. These distinctive frames give off a rustic appearance without having to sacrifice comfort and flair. This look is especially desired in current men’s fashion. The wooden style looks good on thick wayfarer frames for both glasses and shades.

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