Styling Tips For Curvy/Plus Size Girls


Posted on: 16 March 2018 by milton ferrara

Do not be surprised to find plus sized lines today than ever before. That is because curvy ladies are killing it in the fashion game in this day and age.

Do not be surprised to find plus sized lines today than ever before. That is because curvy ladies are killing it in the fashion game in this day and age. If you are curvy and want to up your style game, well, this read contains all the tips you need.

Do Not Hide Those Curves

You want to kill it, but those oversized outfits won't help achieve that. These types of clothes can actually make you look bigger than you are. So, dump them, embrace your curves and shop for clothes that are more flattering.

Buy Good Undergarments

Nothing is worse than having a nice outfit, but lack the ideal foundation to pull it off. Take a lesson from Ashley Graham, a plus size supermodel and invest in an excellent bra and panties. This also applies to the basics. Purchase idea leggings, tights, tanks, and tees.

Try On Various Sizes When Shopping

When it comes to clothing, size is just a number and tends to vary among brands. A 15 is not a 15 across the board. So, do not be afraid of trying a 12 thinking that it will not fit. Who knows, it just might.

Try Some Knee and Thigh Highs As Well

Thigh highs and knee-highs tend to elongate the legs, creating some sort of sass. Combining these kinds of outfits with mesh tights always gives an excellent look. There is just something about this combination that makes thick legs look sexy, and it is a styling trick perfect for most seasons.

Subtle Accessorising is Key

Never feel like you need to dip yourself in bauble to look and feel beautiful. Try an outsized and fun print instead. Hats can be exciting and tend to lend a bold look to the simplest of outfits.

Do Not Overlook Tailoring

Tailoring is a relatively cheap way to lend a huge impact in the manner which clothes fit. It can be the difference between sloppy and frumpy looking and perfectly fitting outfits.

Wide Belts Should Be Your Styling Pal

If you do not have the time to take your shirt or skirt to the tailor, you can try and wear a wide belt in order to hide the additional fabric. An ideal blazer is also perfect for hiding an array of tailoring mistakes.

Find Outfits That Complement Your Body Shape

Not all curvy women are the same. Perhaps you resemble the hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, oval or even figure eight. Regardless of your body shape, it should be a guide to help you choose clothing styles that properly complement you.

Know Your Fabrics

Knowing the fabrics that you love and hate will certainly make the shopping far much easier.

Once you are aware what is flattering for your body, it will make the shopping experience a lot smoother, particularly online.

Try the Crop Tops

Exposing a bit of tummy tends to sound scary for most curvy girls, but crop tops usually look amazing, especially on fuller-figured women. They tend to reveal just the right amount of curves, and that can be empowering.

Pick Fit and Flare Dress When in Doubt

These types of dresses tend to look good on any body type, making them a must-have for those uncertain moments.

So, there you do, styling tips for curvy or plus size ladies. If you take anything from this read; let it be that you should always settle for what really makes you feel good. There is nothing worse than spending an entire day in an outfit you dislike. If anything, it will only lower your self-confidence and reduce your self-image, which is the last thing you want. After all, life is too short to settle for things we do not like.

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