Summer round up of walks


Posted on: 25 August 2013 by William Walking

A few walks and things of interest from this summer

Epping Forest Summer Walks

This is a simple to follow guide to over 40 of the best walks and walking routes in Epping Forest, including easy short walks, family walks and good long walks.

Click on the link for the latest Epping Forest Map 2012 with up to date news, visitor centre details and information on Epping Forest walking routes

There is also a very good Epping Forest walking map available at the Epping Forest shop at the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford so that you can plan your own special walking routes in and around the ancient royal hunting grounds of Epping Forest


Click here for Camping in Epping Forest.


Cobbins Walk

Essex Walks - A 4 mile Epping Forest Cobbins Brook circular walking route from Upshire. More here

Get the full route here Cobbins Walk


Beech Trail

Essex Walks - A classic family walk in Epping Forest following The Beech Trail High Beach walking route for about 2 miles of well maintained tracks. More walks here.

Get the full route here Beech Trail

Two short family circular Essex walking routes from the Epping Forest Gateway at The View in Chingford - The Holly Trail and The Willow Trail
Read more here Epping Forest Gateway


Leytonstone Walk

Essex Walks - A classic family walk in Epping Forest following The Lime Tree Trail Leytonstone walking route for about a mile of well maintained tracks. More walks here

Get the full Epping Forest walk here Leytonstone Walk


Hornbeam Trail Epping Forest

Essex Walks - A classic family walk in Epping Forest following The Hornbeam Trail Snaresbrook walking route for 3 miles of well maintained tracks. More walks like this here.

Find the full walking route here Hornbeam Trail Epping Forest


Way Marked Trails in Epping Forest 

Epping Forest  - Way Marked Trails in Epping Forest  has plenty of beautiful scenic attractions, walks, trails, outdoor activities, things to see, places to eat and places to stay. The City of London, who manage the Epping Forest estate, have been working with the Heritage Lottery Fund provided by the National Lottery to create a series of Way Marked Trails in Epping Forest
Following the distinctive 'green arrows' the aim is to make walking in Epping Forest more inviting and accessible for walkers of all abilities, families with children or seniors, and anyone else looking to explore this magical ancient royal hunting woodland forest.

1. Click here for the Willow Trail Walk which is a simple 3 mile classic family circular walk around Connaught Water.

2. Click here for the Holly Trail Walk which is another simple 3 mile classic family circular walk around Chingford Plain.

3. Click here for the Lime Tree Trail Walk which is a lovely family 1 mile walk in Leytonstone starting at Harrow Road Sports Pavillion.

4. Click here for the Oak Trail Walk which is a gentle 7 mile circular walk to the deer sanctuary and Ambresbury Banks starting in Theydon Bois.

5. Click here for the Hornbeam Trail Walk which is a short 3 mile Epping Forest family walk starting in Snaresbrook at Eagle Ponds.

6. Click here for the Chestnut Trail Walk which is a simple 4 mile classic family circular walk starting in Wanstead Park.

You can download the official Way Marked Trails in Epping Forest here, where you can also find out more information about the City of London and the great work they are doing for maintaining and preserving Epping Forest.


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