Tanzania Safari Bucket List - 7 Things to Bang for Ultimate African Expeditions


Posted on: 04 January 2018 by Oliver Disuza

Tanzania is the home of the most famous African national park and the highest free-standing mountain. You can always go to the glittering metropolises in the western countries but if you crave for the adrenaline rush then Tanzania could be your best destination. From exploring the Maasai culture to scaling the tallest African peak, from scuba diving to wildlife safari, the country is all set to fill your experience with adventure and excitement.

So, in case if you are planning to take a break from your busy schedule and want to breathe in the cradle of Mother Nature then you must plan your next tour in Tanzania. Here you will get the chance to explore the jungles, mountain, beach, volcano everything that might excite your pituitary. Read on to know about the 7 exciting things that you must try during your Tanzanian trip.

1. Try African Safari and Get a Close Look at the Big Five

As it is already mentioned above, Tanzania is the home of the 2 breath-taking African safari destinations including Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti. So, during your Tanzania safari, you must try to spot the big five that are hard to hunt with camera or eyes.

The big five group includes lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and elusive rhino (this species includes both color variants like black and white). You can also try to explore the Wami-Mbiki Wildlife Management Area to get closer to zebra, giraffes, elephants, and hartebeest.

2. Witness the Greatest Migration of Nature

Around a million wildebeest, 2 million ungulates, plus eland, gazelles, and zebra grumbles across the Serengeti ecosystem. As the best spectacles of nature, it can be the most exciting part of your Tanzanian visit. Consider heading to the southern part during April-May to see the gathering of herds.

The same herds can be found crossing the Grummet River during May to July and heading toward Kenya between July to September. If you get lucky, you can also witness the iconic scene of wildebeest jumping into the river called Mara.

3. Enjoy Life beyond Death

Tourists often take climbing Mount Kilimanjaro lightly. Well, compared to the Everest it is easier to climb but one should also show some respect to the snow-topped Africa's highest point, as well as the world's highest free-standing mountain.

To enjoy the view from the highest point of the mountain you also have to beat the bitterly cold there. Careful planning and your doctor's permission are essential to climb the mountain.

4. Find a Kneeling Warthog

During your safari in Tanzania, you will easily find some common warthog but it is hard to find one kneeling on the front leg. Their legs are long and necks are too short. Hence, they have to kneel to eat grasses from the lower ground. They have adapted this procedure naturally by creating calloused kneepads. 

5. Spot Some Rare Species of Birds

Africa is also the home to the variety of incredible birds. Here you will be able to spot over thousands of bird species including Grey Crowned Crane, Red-and-Yellow Barbet, Malachite Kingfisher and Nubian Woodpecker. So, bird-watching should also be listed on your on your Tanzanian safari bucket list.

6. If Sky Is Your Limit then Take Your Safari to the Next Level

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying the vastness of Serengeti over the sky from the bird's eye view? You can also join a hot air balloon ride to see the African wildlife from a different perspective. It will help you to take your Tanzania safari tours to the next level. Some quality tour operators also arrange cycling safari. You can try both these to add some extra excitement to your tour.

7. Dance with the Maasai Groove

During your safari, you should also consider visiting a Maasai village. The local residents will immediately welcome you with their lively tribal dance. Do not hesitate to dance with them.  Being a part of the Maasai tradition should also be included in your list.

So these are the 7 things that you should try to get an ultimate essence of Africa. Hope the post will help you to make the most of your African safari.

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Diane Priestley posted 23 February 2018

thanks for this evocative and helpful article Oliver. I travelled in Tanzania in 2016 and loved every moment of the Serengeti safari, the Ngorongoro Crater and the spectacular wildlife and sense of freedom and adventure. I've yet to climb Kili...maybe I will just gaze at the majestic peak from the ground. I'm currently in Kenya. I adore East Africa! 


Sergo Dinero posted 24 November 2019

Oliver, thank you a lot for the article. It is precise and so correct written. When I first went on my safari tour, the aim was exactly to see the great migration. People from this local agency https://en.altezza.travel/articles/tanzania-safari-guide assisted me to enjoy nature and the wildlife - I was stunned by elephants and buffalos, and leopards. The impressions are unforgettable. The majesty of pure nature is incredible - it inspires and makes you feel so small at the same time. I was greatly impressed by Serengeti and Ngorongoro natural parks, though in recent years they are more tourists than before. But still it doesn't lessen the beauty of the surrounding, maybe the time was such.


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