Ten delicious dishes to try from Andhra Pradesh


Posted on: 21 December 2015 by Katherine Morgan

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Stretching along India’s south-eastern coast, Andhra Pradesh is a state that once seen, will never be forgotten. With tropical forests, enticing caves, rolling hills and endless miles of bright blue sea, it is a popular place for sightseeing - and for eating some of the best cuisine in India.


This authentic Andhra curry is like no other Indian dish you have ever eaten. It’s an incredibly tangy dish, with whole boiled eggs cooked in rich tamarind gravy. The rich tomato sauce is flavoured with mustard seeds, cumin, fenugreek, turmeric and, of course, chillies. Tamarind pulp gives a distinctive tangy taste which contrasts with the big white eggs that are popped in at the end.

Hyderabadi biryani

Biryani is a popular dish across India. A spicy rich dish with chunks of tasty vegetables or meat, the Hyderabadi version of the dish is especially good. Chicken is marinated in an aromatic ginger, garlic, yoghurt and lemon juice with chillies, turmeric and other spices. It is then topped with fried onions, chillies, coriander and mint then topped with a layer of freshly cooked rice and baked or steamed.


This curried prawn dish is famous throughout Andhra Pradesh, and for good reason. Local cooks take prawns fresh from the coast and boil them lightly in a little salty water with turmeric. The prawns are then stir fried with oil, ginger, garlic, coriander and onions. Green chillies add heat, while onions bulk out the sauce and add extra flavour. The thick fishy curry is served with freshly boiled rice.


This jackfruit curry is an unusual dish, made from the orange flesh of jackfruits which grow on trees in many parts of India. The sweet fruit is marinated in salt, turmeric and oil then boiled to make it soft. This is combined with a sauce of cumin, mustard seeds, onions, tomatoes, chilies and tamarind then topped with toasted cashew nuts.


These delicious doughnuts are enjoyed by the Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh during festivals and feast days. Chickpea flour is boiled with water to make a soft mixture. This is then mixed with sugar and coconut and mashed up with powdered cardamom. The dough is made into small balls and popped into a batter made from fermented lentils and rice flour, then fried in melted butter until they are golden brown.


Not for the faint hearted, this mutton curry is a fiery, intensely tasty treat. It is cooked with spices and the leaves of the gongura plant, a kind of sorrel which is immensely popular in the region. The mutton or lamb is cooked in a thick sauce with warming spices including cloves, cardamom and cumin then served with fresh red chillies and boiled rice.

Shikampuri kebab

These stuffed meat balls are moist, tender and packed with flavour. Minced lamb is stuffed with chickpeas cooked in cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, cumin and turmeric with fresh mint and coriander. The kebab balls are then fried in oil until they are sizzling hot and golden brown.

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