The 3 Best Smartwatches for Older People


Posted on: 20 April 2017 by John Bell

Smartwatches and hybrid watches are generally seen as a younger generations' technology, but there are in fact several brands and models aimed at older generations. In this post we look at three of the best wearable devices for older people.

Smartwatches and hybrid watches have become phenomenally popular in recent years, from the Pebble to the Apple Watch, the market has seen a flood of new models in the last 18 months. 2017 looks set to be no different, with Fossil watches announcing they will be introducing no less than 300 new models across their range of brands, including Michael Kors, Kate Space, Misfit and scores of others.

But there’s no doubting that smartwatches and hybrid watches are aimed primarily at younger generations. Featuring complicated technology, fitness-tracking, smartphone integration and extremely small digital screens, they’re no particularly friendly to older generations, particularly the elderly.

But it may surprise you to learn that there are in fact smartwatches aimed specifically at the older markets, featuring a wealth of age-appropriate technology and functionality. Here are 3 of the best smart timepieces currently available:

1.       Omate Wherecom S3

This smartwatch is light and attractive, and extremely easy to use. Working on the Android operating system, it features Omate’s OUI Senior skin, which gives its own dialer, notification and alarm system, aimed specifically at older users.

The smartwatch connects with phones via a Wi-Fi connection, and features a big, bold display and extremely simple user interface. It can be setup to remind you when to take your medication, notify you of calls and texts and has a physical red SOS button on the side, which will send your GPS location to pre-setup contacts via either 3G or Wi-FI.

2.       Tempo by CarePredict

The Tempo device is a little different from your standard smartwatch. It features no display (touchscreen or otherwise), but is instead focused on alerting carers, health-workers and the wearer about potential health concerns.

This wearable sensor learns the activity and behaviour of the wearer over time, so it can alert health professionals if for example the wearer is less active than normal, or is suddenly eating dramatically less. The device comes with CarePredict’s own software, which can be accessed by health workers in real-time.

3.       G2i Emergency Watch

Otherwise known as the Limmex AG Emergency Watch, this Swiss-made and developed timepiece boasts an integrated mobile phone, with a mic and speaker. It also has integrated GPS technology, allowing the wearer’s location to the shared with pre-selected contacts.

There is an emergency button on the side of the watch, which when pressed allows the wearer to make an emergency phone call. The G2i can access any available mobile network, meaning reception shouldn’t be a problem wherever the wearer is. Even if the call is missed, the watch will send an SMS message to a contact, showing the location of the wearer so they can be located and checked on.

As well as featuring this potentially life-saving technology, it’s a rather nice watch, and wouldn’t look out of place among contemporary analogue timepieces. 

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