The 5 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Do For Better Health


Posted on: 27 February 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

Women over fifty are at that time of life when we may be going through a lot of changes. Riding the hormonal roller coaster is no fun!

Women over fifty are at that time of life when we may be going through a lot of changes. Riding the hormonal roller coaster is no fun! Whether you are still deep in the throes of perimenopause, with fluctuating hormone levels and all the associated symptoms, or you are menopausal and struggling with weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and hot flushes, now is the time to turn your focus inwards.

As if our raging hormones are not enough to deal with, a lot of over fifties women are also having to deal with secondary stressors, such as balancing a career, our finances, ageing parents and moody teenagers.

All these stresses on our physical and mental health can lead to a few problems that we could do without, such as poor sleep cycles, feeling tired with low energy, and annoying fat deposits building up where we don't want them, such as on our belly and thighs.

What a lot of women over fifty don't know is that with the ageing process comes a slowdown of your thyroid. Your master gland of your metabolism! This slow down can affect your energy levels making you feel more sluggish, more hair loss, joint aches and pains as well as stubborn fat deposits under the skin that can sabotage your best weight loss efforts.

Let's look at some top tips to help you look and feel your best throughout your fifties and beyond and give you some well-deserved TLC at a time when you most need it.

1. Think of Yourself for a change

Most women in their fifties have spent many years caring for children and family members, including ageing parents. Most are having to do this while working a full time job too. We no longer live in a world where caring for people is seen as valuable, so looking after our own health can no longer be left in the hands of our own doctor any longer. We need to take care of ourselves too if we are going to be able to continue to look after others.

2. Get some regular 'me-time'

Find an activity that keeps you physically moving. Regular exercise is an excellent remedy for letting off steam and releasing tensions that build up through work and caring for others. You can combine stress-relief with exercise to make the best use of your time, but make sure you choose an activity that you enjoy if you want to maintain it for the long-term and look forward to partaking in regularly. This could be swimming, playing badminton or tennis, taking up yoga or Pilates – whatever takes your fancy!

3. Eat a good diet

No matter how busy your life gets, you are going to need to fuel your body to enable you to do this. Make healthful choices and plan ahead with your meal preparation. You cannot run a healthy body on substandard food, so steer clear of unhealthy food choices that you know are not good for you. Avoid overly processed foods full of sugar and refined grains that the human body isn't designed to eat. Just cutting out junk food such as pastries, doughnuts and sugar-laden convenience foods will do wonders for your health and waistline – and your body will thank you for it too!

4. Take up mindfulness

It used to be that meditation was the buzz-word in well-being circles, However, these days mindfulness has come to the fore as a positive way to channel your thought processes and boost your mental well being. Mindfulness is all about living in the now and focussing on the task in hand rather than forever thinking forward at what you should be doing next. Mindfulness lets you appreciate what you are doing in the present and the environment surrounding you right now.

5. Banish trouble spots with Liposuction

Many women have lived with being unhappy about a certain part of their body for years. Now that you are in your fifties it doesn't mean it's too late to do anything about it. Now is the perfect time to get rid of those stubborn lumps and bumps on your hips or thighs that have prevented you from wearing skinny jeans or figure-hugging skirts for years.

Liposuction is a quick, easy and straightforward treatment to re-shape your body and deal with those trouble spots that have been bugging your for too long. The treatment is so much less invasive than other cosmetic surgery options because it uses the tiniest of openings in your skin to access the underlying layer of stubborn fat deposits that you want to tackle.

You can really smooth out your hips, thighs and tum as well as other trouble areas on your body with a simple liposuction treatment that can correct it quickly, and will leave you looking good and feeling so much more confident about yourself.

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