The Basics of Home Repair and Improvement


Posted on: 11 June 2018 by John Looper

The most recent technological advancements used in home repair and improvement .

The most recent technological advancements used in home repair and improvement made the lives of the people relaxed. Considering instances of an emergency need for home repairs such as broken levers, clogged toilets and drains, leaked pipes in the bathroom or in kitchen, jammed garbage bins, stuck windows, holes in the wall, and even busted bulbs, it is then of utmost importance to know the basics of home repair and improvement.

Home repair and improvement do not have to be expensive. You do not always have to make a call to 911 just to get a plumber, an electrician, or a construction worker just because you experienced one of the enumerated circumstances above. Believe it or not, the internet can help you solve your basic issues at home, and you just have to have a toolbox with basic tools at the minimum.

This article will comprise some basic instructions and tips on how you can be your plumber, electrician, and repair worker. What you need to have at home will also be listed below, as well as how these tools can be useful to solve basic home issues.

Common Home Issues to Repair and Improve


Your home may be standing on the ground for more than ten years, and so it has come to a point when you have to repair and improve some of its parts. It may be the roof, the ceiling, the windows, the doors, or some electric-related issues but checking out these parts will lower the risk of occurrence of home emergencies. With that, it is important to properly maintain your home to lessen the chance of encountering injuries.

Regardless of the way of construction of the house or the year it was built, here is the list of the most common home issues which need to be repaired or improved to avoid any casualties. Some may be applicable for your house and some may not, but these are the most common based on the survey and study used by Eric Ravenscraft (2013) on his writing, "The Most Common Home Repairs You Can Easily Do Yourself"

1.Windows and Doors.

Observe how you open and close your windows be it in the living room, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen area. Can you close and open it as smoothly as when it was installed? If you are experiencing stuck windows, then that is one of the most common home issues encountered by household members in all over the world.

Windows get stuck up when it has not been used for quite a long time. If you reside in areas with four seasons, you are most likely to have a tight window due to weather. In case you encounter such scenario, do not worry much because you can solve it yourself.

2.Shelves and Storage Boxes

One of the most common thing inside a regular house is a shelf. Shelves are used to organize clothes, toys, school materials, magazines and books, memorabilia, and even stuff in the bathroom and kitchen. Shelves are everywhere—it can be in the living room, in the laundry area, and even in the dirty kitchen that is not always a place for visitors. Regardless of the location and the purpose of your shelves and storage boxes, it is a must to know how to solve the issues related to it because you need it in organizing your home.

The most common issue in our shelves and storage boxes are the locks and its edges. If it is made up of plastic, putting it in a different place from where it used to be for a long time, it can easily break. Knowing plastics when cut, it results in sharp edges which can cause humans wounds. In the case of those storage boxes and shelves made up of wood, an infestation can be one of the causes of its breakdown.

3.Walls and Ceilings.

Holes in the walls are frustrating because it can give way to unnecessary species to enter and evade our houses. For instance, mice can pass through these holes to our kitchen and eat all the expensive cheese we have prepared for tomorrow's lunch. It always provides pathways to cockroaches and other insects to go through our bedroom and playgrounds where they spread bacteria coming from other dirty places. Would that be nice to anyone?

Other issues that may need basic skills in home repair and improvement are setting up of new curtains, repainting the walls in case the kid vandalized, and replacing tiles that are broken.

4.Furniture Repair.

Either a house is full of furniture, or it has no furniture at all. Majority of the families have lots of furniture beginning from their center table, dining table, display cabinets and shelves, rocking chairs, study tables and bed frames. Considering the activities, the weather, and the age of this furniture, it is then an important thing to know how to fix its basic issues to avoid any other disturbance it may cause.

The Real Cost of Home Repair and Improvement


Is it expensive that it may break the bank? Repairing or improving some parts of your home may be costly but provided the technologies we have now, we can make it as cheap as possible. The cost of home repair and improvement can be downed up to zero if you will prepare yourself to be your home repairman.

It is true that the service of repairing and improvement can be free of charge but

However, the limitation of this article is that this will not be covering remodeling of some of the areas of the home which can be very expensive. A good example of this is the remodeling of a kitchen which may take up to $ 20,000 according to Home Advisor, bathroom for $ 10,000, and storage reface which may cost up to $ 7,000. The cost of these improvements is high because this requires new furniture to be installed, and other materials needed to improve its design. Other than that, if you are into repairing it rather than replacing it all with brand new materials and furniture, home repair and improvement may be free of charge. Also, the basic maintenance that will be discussed in the next chapters will not require the hiring of professionals because you, yourself, will fix it.

Live Green, Make It All Recycled.


In case you worry about the cost as mentioned above, then do not lose faith that you will have a better home. What you need is to be creative to save pennies that you can use for other purposes. If you have internet with you now, start searching on home innovations using recycled materials.

Again, you do not always have to end up buying a new one because you can have a better home and environment by living with secondary wastes.

Have you noticed that your furniture is starting to grow old? Do not worry much about it because you do not need to buy a new one. You may begin tearing it down part by part and reassemble it with some fresh woods with it. Just use a good paint or a gloss to make it look brand new. 

The point here can be easily obtained: you can make new ones through the old ones so home repair and improvement can be less costly, or free. The key is to be creative, so we live with less waste but new-looking home ideal home ideal for happy living.

For more detailsa bout the basics of home repair and improvement, you can visit this link.

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