The Benefits Of Coupons


Posted on: 02 June 2016 by Kim Water

Coupons are a get a way to divert audience towards your business. Somewhere between 80-90% of people use coupons according to multiple surveys and the number of people that show interest in coupons is increasing with the passage of time.

The higher the value is offered on a coupon the more are the benefits that coupons fetch to the business. People that usually purchase the same old products become more willing to try a new brand if offered a good deal on a coupon. So not only you can break customers from a rival brand or store but also re-stimulate the long gone customers or divert towards your business the newly entering buyers.

That is not it; there are more benefits on the side. When a buyer enters with a coupon, the chances are strong that he/she will end up buying more products along with the one the coupon is offered with.

With offering coupons and fantastic freebies, you can far more effectively calculate the impact the promotional scheme made on your business. The response further leads you to make decisions and offers in the future.

There are two important sides to keep in mind while offering coupons. The medium/media via which you distribute your coupons and the offers that you make on them. The later carries more significance so our further emphasis addresses that particular aspect. Here is how to get the most out of offering coupons.

Make a Strong Proposal

Four sides you can cover under the proposal; discounts, bonuses, premiums, free information. So whichever you choose to with try making an impactful offer, 50% discount, Buy one get one free, getting a certain amount off of introducing a new customer or free trial or consultation are all good examples.

Make Use of Images

That way you make your audience understand the use of your product better

Highlight the Benefit

Tell your buyers what they are going to gain eventually upon buying your product like save time or money or a better lifestyle or some kind of stability.

Tell the customer what is in it for them

The buyer is basically not interested in your product, rather what your product has to offer to them. So highlight what is in it for them.

Make your Logo Prominent on Your Coupon

So that it gets a better market exposure which leads to ultimate market benefits and also increases the trustworthiness of your coupon or offer.

Use the White Space Wisely

Do not make a medley of words stuffed on a coupon. Outlay of the text displayed must be neat and hence effective.

Use the Retail Store Space Wisely

Plan well how to arrange and display your product so that it captures the attention of the customer well.

Collect the Customer Data

Their name and snail mail address are considerable. Gathering such info then helps to take further steps after the sale. Send in more brochures, catalogues, special sale pamphlets and coupons and keep the customer coming back to you. 

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