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Posted on: 07 September 2018 by Dawn Richard

It’s no news; people like to flaunt their travel pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram!

And, it is no surprise that when you come across pictures of others travel ventures, it’s hard to resist adding these places to your travel bucket list. But, can you always trust the images? Who knows? The pictures could have been taken from angles to miss out on the long waiting line or the enormous tourist crowd! So, to help you sort your travel bucket list, we’ve rounded up the best attractions around the world, which are worth a sight, no matter how huge the crowd is! Get your pens and papers and write down these places! 
Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt 
Egypt is a country of legend and myth, and the tourist places located in the lands of the Pharaohs seem impossible to replicate in today’s world. But, the must-visit place is the Valley of the Kings. Often said to be the ‘most interesting monument in Egypt’, the Valley lies on the West Bank of the Nile. It consists of magnificent tombs, buried in the desert, to protect and preserve the valuables from thieves. This World Heritage Site keeps on fascinating millions of visitors with its long corridors and almost readable hieroglyphs. Imagine yourself entering the tombs of famous pharaohs such as Amenhotep II, Seti I and Ramesses I… it’s an escape to the past; to the eras where the most famous and notable rulers were buried by ancient Egyptians. . . Feeling eager to be in the place where the ancient Egyptians once walked? You can already have an overview of Cleopatra’s abode by playing Egyptian themed slots Online! From themes like Cleopatra to Iris, these games plunge you into history, in the most beautiful way. 
Madame Tussauds, New York, U.S.A 
As you visit the city that never sleeps, you ought to experience the famous Madame Tussauds, New York. Featuring over 200 lifelike figurines of well-known celebrities, this museum located in the heart of Times Squares gives you the experience of a lifetime! It’s your chance to grab some pictures or selfies with your favourites actors, stars, entertainers and celebrities – just imagine the likes you’ll get on your social media sites! From Lady Gaga to Marilyn Monroe, there is a celebrity for every age group. You’ll also experience the magic of cinema with a 4D theatre, which delivers movies 3D technologies, but with 4D effects - how awesome is that? Plus, you get to live the Ghostbusters movie as if you’re in it; there’s a dimension hyper-reality experience of that activity! 
London Eye, London, United Kingdom 
Standing 135m high in London, the London Eye lets you see around 25 miles in every direction if the weather permits. You also get interactive tablets which give information about the landmarks that you can see in the skyline. This tourist destination makes this list as it’s one wonder of the world; whether you’re on top of it or at the bottom, it gives an impressive view. Imagine standing below the London Eye and seeing all the detailed wires and the centre, like a magnificent display, beneath the blue skies. Plus, this tourist attraction is at its best for the New Year, when impressive fireworks are seen in the skies. 
These are just three tourist attractions which are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime! Other places you might want to see once you’ve achieved these places are the Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles), Eiffel Tower (Paris), Mount Fuji (Japan), Grand Palace (Bangkok) and Machu Picchu (Peru). 

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