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Posted on: 14 April 2018 by Rono Bens

Algarve- the pearl of Portugal

Over the years, Portugal has become a favorite travel destination. The tourism sector in Portugal has remarkably improved; there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors to the country. There are so many places to visit in Portugal; one distinctive feature that is common with the popular travel destinations in Portugal is the rich culture, beautiful landscape and a wide array of foods that make up the Portuguese menu. Algarve should top the list of cities you wish to visit during your holiday in Portugal, it is a wonderful city located in the southern part of the country.

There has been a lot of developmental work in Algarve for many years and now is the time to enjoy the benefits of those investments. Algarve hosts some of the amazing resorts in Portugal; the region has a particularly breathtaking view which makes it the perfect location for resorts, restaurants, and shopping. If you love wine, then your visit to Algarve will be most memorable because the wine produced in this region is exceptional. Tourists from all over the world visit Algarve with a longing desire to enjoy the rich wine culture in the region.

Things to do in Algarve

Enjoy the beaches in Algarve. The beaches feature a large expanse of golden sand, lots of sun and warm blue sea water. The Praia da Marinha beach located in Lagoa is one of the most visited beaches in the region. The smaller Carvoeiro region also hosts a number of beaches that offer the best surfing experience. Algarve has been a top destination for surfers who travel need to ride the biggest and most spectacular waves.

Other interesting events that will make you never want to leave Algarve when you visit include the nature parks in Ria Formosa which feature the lagoons, beautiful Islands, sand dunes, mud flats, etc. you can also go hiking along some of the most popular hiking trails in the region. A hiking experience in Algarve offers you the opportunity to see some of the unique wildlife in the region.

Enjoy dining at the restaurants

Algarve has some of the best local and exotic restaurants in Portugal. The atmospheric conditions in Algarve support the cultivation of so many fruits and vegetables. You will find fruits such as oranges, almonds, figs, as well as a wide range of vegetables, carrots, and rich virgin olive oil. Algarve is also known for its delicious homemade bread which is part of the general menu in the region. And yes, there is a lot of sea food. Its location close to the ocean makes it possible to have access to some of the best sea foods at affordable prices.

The wine industry in Algarve is thriving due to the wide variety of grapes that can be found in the region. The locally produced wine is made from Negra Mole grapes which are exclusively found in Algarve. As a common tradition, you can take some of Algarve back home with you by placing two bottles of your favorite wine in your travel suitcase.

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