The Best Senior Holidays for 2017


Posted on: 15 May 2017 by James McAlister

The hidden gems which are becoming favourite holiday locations for the over 50s

With life being faster and more chaotic than ever, retirement has become a golden time of life for finally taking it easy and achieving complete relaxation. It is no surprise that the over 50s holiday industry is booming, yet destinations are not necessarily where you might think.

The beauty of being a senior is that we have something that many others don’t - time. When you are wealthy with the currency of time, you can afford to make the dream trip, whether this is a luxurious cruise, or perhaps a beautiful, mountainous Spanish village where you can walk, go fishing and relax by the river.

Package holidays most certainly take the legwork out of relaxing trips, though there has been a rise in the holiday claims industry from those who put 100% responsibility onto a tour provider and then fall ill from, for example, bad seafood. This doesn’t mean you should avoid package holidays, but it’s certainly an idea to be mindful when someone else is organising your food and drink.

We have taken a look at the best senior-friendly holiday destinations for 2017.

Mora d’Ebre - North West Spain

This is a stunning rural town at the foot of the mountains in the northern Spain, and it has become a hotspot for the mature traveller who wants to take life easy.

This town has been put on the map recently for those who enjoy bird watching, fishing, cycling and walking, but is just as appealing for those who would simply like some peace and quiet in a rural town which sits on the beautiful  River Ebro.

River Ebro Apartments is the main place for visitors to stay, and there is an added bonus as it is run by a British family, so there’s no issue with communication. This town is becoming much more popular amongst calm-seeking holidaymakers.

Landscapes in Croatia

Croatia’s popularity for senior holidays has rocketed in recent years, not least because word has spread about its beautiful landscapes and beaches.

Clean air, sea salt and a mild Mediterranean climate are essential ingredients for a good holiday, especially for the over 50s who are bound to bump into similar aged, similar-minded people.

Croatia is both a Mediterranean and Slavic country, so the food and music are certainly popular with visitors.

Summer brings an array of arts to Croatia including festivals and various other celebrations, so it’s worth working out what level of activity you would like when booking.

Luxurious cruises for seniors

For those happy to spend more on their dream trip, there are countless cruises available that specifically cater for the over 50s.

There are some Senior Cruise Specials listed online which include honest reviews, prices and possible setbacks. Overall, there are simply too many of these trips to list, but this website guides you through the tailor made trips for those who are retired or just over 50 and looking for similar company.

Senior Trips in the Czech Republic - Yes, Really

Perhaps this is the most surprising senior holiday location, but this country has a lot to offer the slightly older holidaymaker. The Czech Republic is not only what you see in the adverts - stag parties, hen nights and happy-go-lucky expats - it is also a stunning place with breathtaking gothic architecture and history.

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge are incredible places to visit, with endless beautiful walks in and around the city. A few miles outside of the capital and you will find real Bohemian lifestyles with holiday cottages, crystal clear lakes so clean that the locals swim in them, and endless tours and trips available for a low price.

If you enjoy music, Prague is rich with quirky little jazz clubs, boats with live piano and live artists, and in the summer, plenty of locals take to the famous Vltava river with their accordions and flutes for a Czech-style party.

A major plus point is that the Czech Republic is very cheap compared to the UK, and a holiday there will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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Rizwan ali posted 11 November 2019

Summer brings an array of arts to Croatia including festivals and various other celebrations, so it’s worth working out what level of activity you would like when booking.

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