The Best Way to See the World as an Aged Couple


Posted on: 12 December 2018 by Dawn Richard

Many people across the globe are passionate about sightseeing. Every year, millions of tourists around the globe take a tour of their favourite tourist attractions and spice up their lives with games, shows, playing at the beach, and engaging in activities that will add value to their tourism.

Many people seem to consider taking a tour of the world as exclusively reserved for the younger generation. This is especially true of some aged couple who are 50 and above. Such a thought is flawed. People of all ages can plan a tour and work towards making it a reality. You can have an awesome tour of your dream tourist attractions with your spouse even if you are older than 50. Take a cue from Jeff and Melinda, a couple in their 50’s.
To mark her husband’s 50th birthday, his wife planned a surprise trip for them to some parts of Chile such as Torres del Paine and Easter Island. That triggered what eventually led to their making another round the world trip a couple of months later. This time around, the aged couple visited Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, China, and Egypt.
According to the couple, they made their flight bookings two months in advance in order to enable them to pack everything they needed for the trip as well as ensure that avoid having to pay through the nose during the rush hours when more tourists want to book the available space on airlines.
In order to make the trip lively, they play Bingo game. That kept them busy in their hotel rooms whenever they were through for the day’s sightseeing. As a result, they were able to derive as much happiness from the trip as possible. 
Did they regret their actions? While responding to the general idea that travelling around the world is for young people, Jeff said: “I understand and have heard that, but age is just a number. There are all ranges of ages travelling all over and around the world. We’ve seen several older people older than us hiking up and down the mountains of Zealand and other climbing up Mt. Sinai to see the sunrise.”
It is obvious from his response that Jeff and his wife never regretted making that move. This should be an eye-opener to you if you want to give your age as an excuse for making that trip you have always dreamed of.
There are some practical tips that will assist you to achieve this goal and have fun from the planning stage to the tour itself. 
Get involved in the planning process
As a couple, don’t leave the planning to your spouse. If you do, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to experience the inner joy that you are involved in the entire process. Take some time out with your spouse to check potential destinations, places you should visit, and other activities that will improve the overall benefit of the tour.
Book your flight on time
When you have finally settled down for the place that you wish to visit, it is important that you don’t leave booking your flight to the last minute. Go through the available airlines, do your due diligence, and choose the best airline that meets your needs, after considering all the factors that may influence your choice of airline. 
After choosing the best airline for you, proceed with the booking as soon as possible. By making an advance booking, you will put yourself in the best position to make the right booking. On the other hand, if you are under pressure to make a last-minute booking, you may accidentally make the wrong booking. That may have a huge negative impact on your proposed trip.
Book your hotel in advance
Booking your hotel in advance is a smart move. You simply can’t predict what the traffic will be some days to the proposed travel. You may have to contend with a crowd of other tourists who may have to fight it out for the available space, especially, if most hotels are already booked. 
Such an advanced booking will spare you the stress of paying through your nose for an accommodation that wouldn’t have probably cost you more than what you have to cough out if you want to make a late booking. 
These are some practical tips that can assist you to enjoy fun-filled trips with your beloved spouse even if you are old an old couple. 
Now is the right time to start making plans for a trip with your spouse. Make advanced preparation and you will have a fun-filled trip.

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