The Black Shiraz


Posted on: 03 February 2016 by Kevin O'Rourke

The Black Shiraz is one of the most sought after Australian wines in the UK wine market.

The Black Shiraz is a massive success in the UK and worldwide wine market. Made in Riverina in Australia by Berton Vineyards and instantly recognised by it's distinctive pewter label. Whilst there are many wines with the words Black or Shiraz in their name there is only one Black Shiraz


This wine used to be known as the espresso of the wine world. The reason for this was the addition of 20% of the Bonarda grape. This added a huge, overpowering aspect to the wine and it gained lots of followers who enjoyed it's muscular feel. In recent vintages the winemaker has opted to just use 100% Shiraz grapes and the wine has improved massively.

It is now much more appealing to the general market and has gained a huge following in the UK and worldwide. Berton Vineyards have jumped onto this wave and quickly produced other Metal Label wines with their White Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato and Cabernet Sauvignon recently added to the range.

The perfect match to this wine is a juicy steak but it is also equally at home being drunk on it's own. Be careful though as this wine is now very easy to drink as the fruit is expertly balanced with the alcohol of 14.5%.

To buy this wine or any of the other Berton Wines visit where you can buy a single bottle or mix up a case at great prices

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